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Another one! There’s been a further huge editing error proving Love Island 2023 is staged

It’s getting ridiculous how often this is happening now

You guessed it! I am here again to inform you there’s been another glaringly obvious editing error on Love Island 2023, which is making the show appear more staged than ever.

The moment came last night (Tuesday 21st), and was during the huge drama continuing between Tanya, Shaq and Martin. Considering it was the first 15 minutes of the show, a lot went down.

Shaq and Tanya were discussing her big confession the other night, and they kissed and made up. Tanya apologised for needing Martin and Casa Amor to prove to her she loved Shaq. Obviously, Martin’s been majorly mugged off here – and he was chatting to Olivia and Maxwell about how annoyed he is.

Martin said he “feels like causing some drama” and called Tanya over to chat about what she’d done. He interrupted Tanya and Shaq kissing to take Tanya for a chat by the firepit. He said his bit, but then Tanya shouted at him in front of the whole villa.

Staged editing error with Tanya in Love Island 2023

via ITV

During her first chat with Shaq and argument with Martin, Tanya was seen with a full face of makeup and her false eyelashes were firmly ON. Then, she walked away with Shaq to sit on the daybeds, and her eyelashes and makeup were off?! When did this happen? HOW did this happen?

Staged editing error with Tanya in Love Island 2023

via ITV

Clearly these sequences have been edited together, to cut out a huge section of time where Tanya would have taken her eyelashes and makeup off, so maybe all of this was done to make the drama look bigger than it was? I guess we’ll never know.

This isn’t the first time, by far, that Love Island 2023 has been called staged because of big editing errors. It also surprisingly isn’t the first time one of the girls’ false eyelashes have magically disappeared. There was a moment right near the start of the series where Zara’s eyelashes went from on, to off and then on again.

Tanya has also been in the middle of another editing error, when she disappeared from a conversation midway through, and there was another moment where bombshell Ellie went from sitting down, to standing up, and sitting down again – all within the same take.


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