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Love Island 2023 star Mitch reveals reason behind split from Ella B

‘She’s wifey material, just not for me’: Mitch reveals it was him who ended things with Ella B

He blamed the split on him ‘touring England’

Love Island 2023 star Mitch has finally spoken out about his split from Ella B, and given more details about the reason why it didn’t work out between them. The pair announced their breakup just weeks after leaving the villa together, and at the time just put it down to not spending time together and busy work schedules.

But now, during an interview, Mitch has shed a bit more light on what happened. He said he was the one to initiate the split, and said despite Ella being “wifey material” him doing a “tour of England” for club appearances meant they broke up.

Speaking at The Sun Who Cares Wins awards, Mitch was asked what happened to cause their relationship to end. He said: “Honestly, it’s just we came back, I’m busy, I’m busy every single weekend. I’m touring all over England doing club appearances and collaborations. Ella’s got her own events to go to and stuff.

“This was a problem. It got to the point where I thought ‘this is never gonna work’ so I had to have that chat with Ella and I think initially Ella was a bit upset about it but I think she also agreed with it, like ‘yeah Mitch there’s too much it’s too hard work to keep it together’.”


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Mitch then said that even if they lived closer, he still doesn’t think it would have worked out. “I think if we lived closer, probably not even then,” he said. “I can’t even say we’d work then.”

He concluded by saying: “I will say [Ella] is one of the nicest girls I’ve actually ever met. When I was with her she was proper wifey material, just sadly not for me.”

This comes awkwardly at the same time it’s believed Mitch has reconciled with former villa flame Abi Moores. Famously, Mitch had a back and forth on the show trying to decide if he had a better connection with Abi or Ella, and there was a lot of drama off the back of it.

When Mitch and Ella announced their split, people thought Abi might be involved, as she’d just done an interview saying she and Mitch were still flirty together.


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