Can you actually name the Islanders who’ve been dumped this year? Take this quiz to find out

I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen half of these people

During Love Island 2023, we’ve seen Islanders get dumped all over the place. There have been all types of dramatic goodbyes- from sad solo dumpings where cast members have been left stood all alone, to mass exits where loads have been sent packing at the same time.

But, every year, the Islanders come and go. And despite how much we feel outraged at the time (sometimes) about their departures, they soon become dangerously forgettable, and their impact on the show minimal. So, how well do you actually remember those who have come and gone so far? Is Casa Amor a thing of the past to you, or can you vividly remember all the bombshell Islanders as though they stayed on the show for weeks?

In the quiz below, you’ll be presented with a few of the Islanders who have been dumped so far during Love Island 2023. The simple task you have is just to remember their names. Which sounds like a walk in the park, but I think you’ll be surprised at how many of these cast members you’ve already forgotten ever existed. Good luck!

Take this quiz to see if you can name some of the Islanders who have been dumped so far in Love Island 2023:

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