Ranked: Who from winter Love Island 2023 has the highest net worth already?

They’re making bank!!

Despite what has felt like a very brand deal and opportunity lacking Love Island series, the 2023 Islanders have apparently still managed to come through with their net worths.

The internet is a weird place, but one of the things it always promises is an estimation to someone’s business credentials, and how much they’re worth as a brand. So, these are the apparent net worths of the richest Love Island 2023 stars, so far.

Tom Clare – £200k

Tom Clare reportedly has an estimated net worth of around £200k. This will mainly be his decent wage from being a footballer before the show, but he’s also one of the only Islanders this year to have secured a brand deal. Tom has gone back to his job as a footballer, but is now also a pre-loved ambassador for eBay.

Sanam Harrinanan – £400k

According to multiple reports, Sanam has an estimated net worth of £400k. As she won the show, she’s pocketed the £50k prize fund alongside Kai, and I guess a net worth is all about assets, and she basically is her own brand now.

Sanam’s said she still wants to keep working with children at the core of her career, but she’s not revealed too much about what’s next for her after Love Island.

Jessie Wynter – £400k

Jessie has a pretty impressive net worth of £400k. She was no stranger to reality TV when she joined Love Island, having been on the Australian version of the show, and another show based on a farm. It’s believed Jessie made a lot of money when she was on OnlyFans, and she’s also done sponsored work on Instagram.

Claudia Fogarty – £500k

Ok, Claudia was the nepo baby of Love Island, so it’s not that much of a surprise that she has a high net worth. Her father is motorcycle racer Carl Fogarty, which means she’ll be used to a boujie life. She also owned a boutique before Love Island, which will be worth a bit of money.

Since leaving the show, Claudia has said she wants to embrace new opportunities – her Instagram feed is giving influencer vibes, and she’s said she wants to pursue a career in fitness.

Olivia Hawkins – £750k


Liv is apparently one of the richest Love Island 2023 Islanders, with a reported net worth of around £750k. If this is true, good for her.

She’s had loads of acting credits in her career, and had a very impressive wage before she was on the show. She’s been a body double, been in soaps, and even featured in a Netflix show. Since leaving the villa, Olivia has said she wants to carry on with her acting work, and has announced she has a role in the new Fast and Furious movie! Casual!

Will Young – £980k

According to reports, Farmer Will is already worth just shy of a million! This seems outrageous, but it takes highly into consideration that his assets may include a share of his family farm, which is probably worth a fair whack.

Since being on the show, Will and Jessie have returned to life on his farm, and Will’s just announced he has a book coming out! He’s thriving, clearly.

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