This is where the cast of winter Love Island 2023 went to university

Why am I not surprised Casey went to Leeds Beckett?

I am sorry to announce that it’s true: Some people are unfairly blessed with both brains and beauty. Life sucks, we can’t have it all. There are a number of cast members from winter Love Island 2023 who went to or are currently studying at university, which proves some people really are God’s favourites.

So, from wannabe accountants to brainy scientists, here’s a deep dive into what we know about the Love Island 2023 cast members who went to university, and what they all studied.

Shaq Muhammad

The cast of winter Love Island 2023 who went to university

via Instagram @shaq24s_

It’s not entirely clear what Shaq studied, but he graduated from the University of Essex in 2020. Posting about his graduation on Instagram, Shaq said: “Handsome and Educated ✨ Too many people to thank for this achievement but by God’s grace I done it! Class of 2020 🎓”.

Tanya Manhenga

via Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya is currently a student, studying at Salford University. She’s 22 and part way through a biomedical science degree, which she has said she will return to after her time on the show. She must be in her final year, as she has revealed she has “just a little term left” to complete of her degree.

Speaking about her studies, Tanya said: “It’s definitely something I’m going to go back to when I finish Love Island. I literally love it. I surprised myself throughout the whole course how much I loved it.”

She said her plan is to finish her degree and then “see where it takes me” because “you never know what’s going to happen when you finish the show”. She said she will be open to opportunities following Love Island but had previously planned to work in embryology, which is working in IVF treatments.

Kai Fagan

The cast of winter Love Island 2023 who went to university

via Instagram @kaifagan_

Oh, you thought having one degree was impressive? Well, try having THREE degrees, from three different unis. Enter: Kai Fagan. Kai is a science and PE teacher now, but was previously a rugby boy at Sheffield Hallam. “I’ve technically got three different degrees and went to three different unis,” he proudly declared in his pre-Love Island interview.

A post shared by THE ASTORIA PORTSMOUTH (@theastoriaportsmouth)

Zara went to the University of Portsmouth between 2015 and 2018 and studied musical theatre and performance art. Whilst there, she worked as a Dirty Disco girl in nightclub Astoria. Astoria wished her well on the show, and posted saying: “Best of luck to our girl Zara going into Love Island to stir things up. She’s been part of our dirty disco crew and we wish her luck and look forward to seeing her when she comes out.”

Posting on Instagram after her graduation, Zara said: “Overjoyed. Overwhelmed. Overcame expectations. UOP Class of 2018 WE MADE IT !!! ✨🎓🦋 As for my grade ??? What’s 9+10 … 2:1”.

Casey O’Gorman

via Instagram @caseyogorman

Casey studied for a degree in sports business management between 2015 and 2018, at Leeds Beckett. When he was a student at Beckett, Casey was also a camp counsellor at a summer camp in Texas and was in the football society.

Maxwell Samuda

via Instagram @maxwells_16

Maxwell has two degrees from Liverpool uni: an undergrad in business economics and Master’s in finance, which took four years of studying. He got a 2:1 in his undergrad degree.

Spencer Wilks

It’s not been confirmed by him, but it’s an almost certain that bombshell Spencer went to Bournemouth uni. He’s based there, and his feed shows him at Bournemouth 7s Festival, Cameo Wednesdays and hanging out at Halo. He simply must be a uni student.

Will Young

via Instagram @farmer_will_

Ok, farmer Will didn’t go to university, but he gets a special shoutout because he had intentions to, before he changed his mind and decided he wanted to work on the family farm instead. He was thinking about going to uni to study accountancy, but then during sixth form changed him mind and told his parents he wanted to work on the farm.

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