Georgia Steel Celebs On The Ranch

So, Georgia Steel was called out for being ‘infuriating’ when she was on Celebs On The Ranch

One of her cast mates literally quit a task because they were paired with her

Prior to being on Love Island: All Stars, Georgia Steel was part of the cast of Celebs On The Ranch. Yep, it really looks as though after being on Love Island 2018 she took any reality TV opportunity that would come her way.

The show pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin: It takes a bunch of celebs, usually reality stars, who are used to luxury and fine living, and shoves them on a ranch to work. Georgia was on the show in 2019, and whilst on the ranch was called out for being “infuriating” as she screamed during tasks.

In one episode, she stepped off the coach and screamed at her fellow cast members: “I want a pony! Where’s my pony?”. She then screamed “pony” for entire episode, until Made in Chelsea star Victoria Baker-Harber literally shouted at her and begged her to stop it.

During the first task, Louie Spence was paired up with Georgia, and ended up getting so annoyed by her that he left her to it and returned to the ranch. He told the other cast members: “I had to get away from her! You can’t get a word in and I can always get a word in!”

Twitter was also very annoyed by her. “Wow Georgia Steel is so annoying her and her pony ahh WTF please do us all a favour and lose her somewhere!” someone savagely wrote. “Georgia Steel is ANNOYING!” another posted, as a third said: “Soooooo loud!!!!! Pipe down Georgia, it’s not the Georgia show.” Another person called her a “permanent headache.” Wow.

In an interview about the show, Georgia’s cast mates branded her the “most annoying” and “loudest” contestant. “I don’t wanna be annoying,” Georgia said in reply. “I’ll be honest, I just don’t have a filter. I can’t help it.”

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