Love Island 2023 cast with most Instagram followers since the show

Ranked: The 2023 Love Islanders who’ve gained the most Instagram followers from the show

The battle to hit one million is ON

After a season of Love Island, we all flock to the Islanders’ Instagram profiles to carry on watching their lives unfold, outside the villa. The Love Island 2023 cast members who have gained the most Instagram followers have seen hundreds of thousands of us head to their profiles and give them a follow.

Since the show there have been breakups, dramatic podcast interviews, cheating scandals and loadsa Islander feuds. But, who have we thought to follow since?

Here is a ranking of the Love Island 2023 cast members who have gained the most Instagram followers since being on the show.

10. Mitch Taylor – 321k

Of course Messy Mitch, which he’s actually changed his Instagram name to, was going to sneak onto this list. He’s made it his personal mission to make sure everyone has spoken about him since the villa, and he’s succeeding, hard. Mitch now has 321k followers, and club appearances under his belt.

9. Leah Taylor – 408k

Leah should be absolutely buzzing here – she’s the Islander who was dumped the earliest on, but has managed to come out with loads of followers still. Only finalists and a certain return bombshell are ahead of her. Leah might have split with Montel after the show, but she’s left with 408k followers and is carrying on her career in influencing.

8. Sammy Root – 430k

Sammy may have won the show, but there are plenty of Islanders who have bagged more followers than him. He’s quite low down in the list, with 430k, but given the circumstances, I’m not sure he cares.

7. Zachariah Noble – 480k

Look, I don’t for one second think Zach is the kind of guy to look at his Instagram following and care at all. But, should he take a look, he’ll find just under 500k.

6. Molly Marsh – 666k

Molly Marsh already had loads of followers before the show, so I kind of expected her to be higher up. But, she’s nearly at 700k which is pretty good going these days. All she’s missing is the PLT brand deal!

5. Whitney Adebayo – 705k

Whitney might have come second, but a lot of fellow Islanders are ahead of her with Instagram followers. She still has over 700k, which is very impressive, and since the show she’s been absolutely thriving. Side note, but Lochan only has 200k?! I am disgraced!

4. Tyrique Hyde – 738k

Tyrique is the Love Island 2023 boy who has gained the most followers. Famously, the gals always get more followers after the show, but Tyrique has bagged himself 738k!

3. Jess Harding – 844k

Jess won the show, but a couple of Islanders have still got more followers than her. She’s a respectable third in the ranking, currently with 844k followers on Instagram.

2. Ella Thomas – 918k

Out of all the finalists from Love Island 2023, Ella has the most Instagram followers. She’s 5ft7, stylish, and has nearly a million followers. The race is on!

1. Kady McDermott – 1.5million

Ok ok, Kady is cheating here. She was obviously going to be the Islander this year with the most followers, considering she’s been on the show before. But I can’t ignore 1.5million followers!

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