A rundown of the most rogue and baffling post Love Island friendships of all time

Umm, Jake Cornish and Ouzy DJ together now?

When Love Island ends, it’s all about the couples who manage to make it last. But what sometimes goes unnoticed are the friendships that flourish post Love Island – and some of them are, shall we say, odd. Nothing against them, just I want to know how the most random of Islanders cross paths with one another.

There have been some really niche crossovers from different seasons, as well as Islanders with violently different vibes in the villa coming out and now saying they’re best mates. Here’s a rundown of them all.

Joanna and Kady


We’ve all been there..

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Yes, this is one of the more random post Love Island friendships, but I’m here for it. Kady from the second series and Joanna from 2019 are now best mates. I’m not sure how this friendship came to be, but now they post TikToks on a joint account together all the time.

Ron and Luca

Ok, this one is my favourite post Love Island friendship crossover of all time, because it was just so out of nowhere. This year, the Islanders’ social media accounts went completely silent, so it was a pretty big deal when they got their phones back and started posting again. What was one of the very first posts Ron made after the show? Him on a golf course with 2022’s Luca Bish, of course!

HOW did they meet and HOW was it so quick? One person in the comments said: “How do you even know each other? It’s mad when Love Island is on, soon as they’re out they all know each other from previous seasons.” I’m here with someone else, who just said: “Nooooo not Luca”.

Antigoni and Gemma

I can’t remember these two being mates in the villa, but here we are, it looks as though Antigoni and Gemma from Love Island 2022 are friends.

The last time they posted together was in December when they went on a dinner date, but Danica was in the comments calling it a “friendship for life”. Ok!

Luca and Finn

Random post Love Island friendships

via Instagram

As well as hanging out with Ron, Luca is apparently now friends with Finn from 2020 as well? As news of his split with Paige was being reported everywhere, where was Finn? Taking time out with Luca, naturally. I’ve lost my mind.

Olivia and… everyone

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Right now, Olivia Hawkins is in Ibiza on a PR trip with what feels like half of the Love Island female alumni. She’s out there with Demi and Molly from 2020, and Lucinda and Liberty from 2021. It’s a bit awkward that she appears to be so close to Demi, considering Demi was best mates with Zara from this season before the show, who famously doesn’t get on with Olivia.

Random post Love Island friendships

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It looks as though all the girls all besties, posting calling each other “angel” and “my girl” as they pose for pics in the sun. Fast fashion brands really work hard to make sure everyone from Love Island will cross paths at some point.

Joe and Yewande

Don’t take this the wrong way because I absolutely love this friendship with all my heart, but admit it, did you expect it after Love Island 2019? Joe was with Lucie for most of his time in the villa, and she was literally accused of bullying Yewande – which she always denied.

But since then, Lucie’s ex flame Joe, who had his fair share of controversy in the villa too, has come through as Yewande’s bestie.

The pair are all over YouTube and TikTok together, and everyone is loving them as a duo. They do loads of dancing videos together these days, with one person commenting on a recent one to say: “I’m so here for this beautiful friendship!”

Joe is also Yewande’s biggest fan on Instagram, constantly commenting on her selfies to big her up. I love it for them!

Jake and Ouzy


2024 cant waittttt 🎧🎶 #christmas #music

♬ original sound – Jake Cornish

After leaving Love Island 2021 and ending things with his guuuuurlfriend Liberty, Jake Cornish seemingly dropped off the radar. He had a hair transplant and completely changed his vibe, and now it seems he’s a wannabe DJ and working with 2023’s Ouzy See? Casually.

Jake has shared a TikTok of the two of them in a studio making music, saying he’s excited for what 2024 has to bring. So am I, Jake, so am I.

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