Brand deals and girl bossing: Inside Jess *not Sammy’s* new life after Love Island 2023

She’s booked and busy

It’s not been long since Love Island 2023 finished, but already Jess has been thriving in her new life after the show.

She was the first Islander this year to secure a brand deal, she’s already headed back to her day job AND she can make thousands on Instagram. In an interview with OK Magazine since the show, Jess said: “I walked into the Co-op this morning and I didn’t realise I’d get asked for a photo.” She’s a celeb!

Her life has clearly changed a lot, so here’s what Jess has been up to after Love Island 2023.

Jess was the first Islander from Love Island 2023 to secure a brand deal

Just weeks after the show, Jess added another six figures to the £50k she earned from winning, as she reportedly got a fashion deal with In The Style.

A source told The Sun: “Jess met the In The Style team at an event and everyone loved her. She’s perfect for the brand – she’s relatable and sweet – exactly the kind of person they want to work with. A six-figure deal is being lined up right now.”

She’s back to work at her fancy clinic

Just one day after winning Love Island, Jess said she was heading back to life at her day job. Since then, she’s shown herself at work as an aesthetics practitioner, at her boujee west London clinic.

“Back in the clinic,” she said in an Instagram post. “I always said since coming out the villa that I would go back to my job because it’s my passion and here we areeee… to the next chapter.”

In an interview, Jess said: “As I have my own business I’d really like to work on that side of stuff. After the show I’d like to set up more clinics. That’s definitely my goal.”

If she needs more money, Jess can charge up to £2k per Instagram post, because of the followers she’s gained since Love Island

The Tab revealed that Jess can expect to charge brands around £2k per post to work with her. Jess has 844k followers right now and is the third-highest Instagram earner from the cast this year.

Jess clapped back at papers for lying about her after the villa

Jess Harding life after Love Island 2023

via Instagram

When Jess got her social media back, an old video began circulating which people posted and newspapers reported it showed Jess getting a “tummy tuck” because she’d “gained weight” during the villa. Jess clapped back at these reports, and said the video was old and had been taken out of context.

According to MailOnline, Jess had shared the video to her Instagram story, showing herself getting the procedure done in which a machine can be seen being strapped around her stomach.

Jess rubbished the claims, and said the video was taken before the show, and shows her getting a non-surgical procedure done. Speaking on her Instagram, Jess uploaded a screenshot of The Daily Mail’s headline which read: “Love Island winner Jess Harding undergoes ‘belly tuck’ procedure after gaining weight in the villa.”

She said: “Happy Saturday! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Some of you may have seen a story about me having a tummy tuck. Just to be completely transparent, this isn’t true!

“Before Love Island I had wood therapy and non-invasive body contouring but nothing surgical. I love my body as should we all, thank you for all of your support. Nothing goes unnoticed.”

And obviously…. she and Sammy have now split

In a huge photoshoot and interview with OK Magazine, they once said they think they’ll get married and have twins in the future.

The couple also shared what they’d like to spend the £50k Love Island prize fund on. They said they’d like to “treat their loved ones to something nice” using cash from the show, and after winning revealed plans to go travelling together – so some of the money was supposed to go on that, too.

“I feel like we want to go to Far East Asia,” Jess said, in the first interview they did outside the villa. “We definitely want to do that. We’re not in a rush to get a house. We’re both 22. We’re both young and we want to see the world, that’s something I have always wanted to do.”

But now, it’s all come crumbling down. In a very dramatic turn of events, Jess and Sammy broke up, with Sammy saying he was blindsided by the break-up in an Instagram story. Meanwhile, Jess claimed the pair had broken up a week before the news came out.

In true Jess fashion, she was spotted having it large in Ibiza with some friends while all of this unfolded.

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