‘There were tears’: Rozz talks about the reunion with Thomas after their MAFS breakup

‘Do I still fancy him? He did look good’

Following their breakup after the homestays part of the experiment, Rozz has opened up about filming the tearful reunion special of MAFS UK 2023 with previous husband, Thomas.

This week the reunion episodes will air, and the cast have also been back together filming for a further bonus reunion episode which will air later on. Speaking in an interview about filming these episodes, Rozz has said there were tears between herself and Thomas.

Rozz and Thomas talk the MAFS UK 2023 reunion

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Speaking to OK!, Rozz said: “I saw him this week when we filmed the reunion show, which was difficult as we had to re-live the breakup, as it’s been on TV this week, so there were tears.”

She did say there are still some happy moments, and added the pair still have a friendship with one another. “But there were cuddles too and we absolutely do love and respect each other and have a beautiful, amazing friendship and we’ve both grown hugely as people through the experiment,” Rozz said.

Plus, we’ve all noted that Thomas has had a huge body transformation since the show, and now posts loads of videos showing off his new muscles. Rozz of course commented on if that’s made her fancy Thomas more.

She said: “I love being around Tom as a friend and he’s grown enormously, including some new muscles. Do I still fancy him? He did look good, but it’s not about the exterior.

“It’s about what’s in the heart and I wish him all the happiness in the world and if I could find him the most perfect person in the world, I would as he deserves that.”

Why are they so cute, please?

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