‘Just remove me’: Whitney recalls moment where she wanted to quit Love Island 2023

How different things could have been!

Love Island 2023 finalist Whitney Adebayo has said there was a point in the show where she wanted to quit the villa and go. Whitney had a turbulent journey, getting to know Mehdi before he was dramatically dumped ahead of Casa Amor.

Now, speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, she has said it was at this point where she felt like she didn’t want to continue and thought her only option was to leave the show all together. If only she had known Lochan was going to be waiting in the second villa for her!

Whitney talks about moment she wanted to quit Love Island 2023

via ITV

Podcast host Grace Keeling asked her if there was any point where she wanted to quit and leave the Love Island villa, and Whitney said: “Tbh, after the whole Mehdi situation. I opened up a lot to him and it was getting there [to being serious]. Obviously he got dumped and then there’s Casa.

“Production’s telling you, ‘talk to these boys, talk to these boys’ and I’m not like that. I don’t chase man. Do you know what I mean? For them to tell me, ‘go and talk to this person’ I’m friends with the girls. I’d rather just chill with them. I don’t wanna be looking for man.

“At Casa, I was like ‘this is too much’. You lot, just remove me. Just remove me. It was just too much.”

Obviously, we all know that shortly after this Whitney and Lochan began to get to know one another, and she came back to the main villa a changed woman, with her new man on her arm.

Imagine if she’d packed it in and given up?! How different things could have been!

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