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Shona and Brad on Married at First Sight UK 2023, MAFS

‘Enjoy the universe babes’: Shona finally claps back at Brad after Married at First Sight UK

She says Brad lied to people about the reason they were sent home, and said it was because they’d found love

Last night saw the dramatic moment where Married at First Sight UK 2023 couple Brad and Shona were asked to leave the experiment. Since this news was reported on, both Shona and Brad have posted about it on Instagram, but before now, Shona had been fairly reserved in her comments.

During the series, Brad told Shona to “shut up” during a dinner party, and constantly questioned her emotional maturity, saying she was at a different stage in life to him because she hadn’t had a child. Brad then spoke of wanting to “allow” Shona to feel things, and how he wanted to “let” her be upset in situations. The experts called him out, and said this sort of language is controlling, given Shona is his equal.

Following this, the experts felt they had no other option than to have Brad leave the show, calling his relationship with Shona “unhealthy”. However, this of course meant Shona would have to leave too. She initially posted a statement saying most of what happened between them wasn’t shown on TV, and asked people not to make comments about Brad.

But now, in a lengthy post on Instagram, she’s reflected more on her journey and clapped back at Brad, telling him to “enjoy the universe” after he told her on the show “nothing is more important than the universe to me”. She said Brad love bombed her, and said she was “sent home for his horrible behaviour”.

“So that’s my journey over and this is my last lengthy MAFS post,” she said. “The woman who walked into that hen do is back but stronger than before. ✨💗 I applied for MAFS for love but unfortunately the person I was matched with was there to promote himself as a meditation guide, he love bombed me and ultimately I was sent home for his horrible behaviour.”

She then claimed Brad had lied to people about the reason behind them leaving the show, and told people it was because they’d already found love.

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She then claimed Brad had lied to people about the reason behind them leaving the show, and told people it was because they’d already found love.

She added: “In the experiment I was completely blind sided by ‘I love you’. All his shitty behaviour but followed by ‘but I love you’. Even going as far as lying to people when we were sent home saying we chose to leave the experiment because we found ‘love’ in each other.

“The experiment wasn’t to blame he was the same person on the outside and when we finally went our separate ways he told me he never loved me, it was just a TV show, it was lust and he never had any emotional attachment to me whatsoever. That’s when I finally woke the hell up.

“It made me look within and question why I put up with this behaviour, why being loved was so important to me and finally why did I lose myself so much in that relationship. I realised deep down I needed to love myself more. I did just that, I filled myself up with self love and when I was ready fate kicked in and I met the kindest soul who loves me just the way I am and it’s what I deserve.

“I’m so happy writing this and sharing my happy ending with you. To all the special people who reached out to me with love thank you from the bottom of my heart and to those who resonated watching our story unfold I really hope you realise you deserve so, so much more.”

She ended the post by thanking Brad for “sending me on the biggest self love journey because look at me now” and then told him to enjoy his precious universe. “Enjoy fucking the universe babes,” she said. Iconic.

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