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Girls sat down in black and white optical illusion with creepy old lady

People with 20/20 vision can’t see this optical illusion and it’s majorly frustrating

Everyone is seeing different things and now I’m stressed!

Here we go again – this weekend an optical illusion of two girls in a black and white picture has gone viral, and apparently only certain people can see an image hidden within it. Warning: It’s one of those posts that if you can’t see what everyone is looking at, is going to irritate you all day.

Someone has tweeted a picture of two young girls sat down, one who appears paler and with blonde hair, looking at a girl with brown hair, who in the black and white of the picture has a much darker skin shade.

Apparently given a certain angle, and if you have a certain type of vision, you can see a hidden picture in the image. But what’s going on and what are people seeing?

So, what is the optical illusion people can see in the black and white picture of two girls?

At first glance, the picture looks fairly normal. “Nearsighted fam: Take your glasses off and pull your phone away from you eyes. Look at the blonde girl,” the caption reads.

If you *don’t* have 20/20 vision, you should be able to move the picture away from your eyes and across the entirety of the blonde girl there is the image of an older woman. If it helps, I could only see this when looking at the picture from almost side on, looking at it to the left of me. The older woman’s chin appears on her top, and her face covers the majority of the blonde girl in the picture.

“So people with 20/20 vision aren’t seeing this?” one person said. Another added: “I have better than 20/20 and see nothing, that said I’m not wearing my silly thick lenses so my eyes won’t work together… From context I hear it’s a jump scare?”

Other people are editing the photo and seeing other things, it’s getting very confusing out here! Apparently what some people see is really scary?

People are suggesting you blink a lot, or squint hard and tilt your phone and you might see it. Either way, people are STRESSED.

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