Jamie Laing and Sophie Habbs Habboo on honeymoon

Jamie and Sophie are having the ‘honeymoon from hell’ and it sounds like pure chaos

Apparently where they’re staying costs £12k a night, and they got there nearly two days late

After having the most iconic wedding in Chelsea followed by a second wedding of the decade in Spain, Made in Chelsea newlyweds Jamie Laing and Sophie “Habbs” Habboo are currently having what they themselves have described as the “honeymoon from hell”.

Jamie has been posting updates on Instagram and TikTok, and it looks like pure stress for them so far. They planned a luxury getaway in South America, but have instead been faced with airport dramas, chaos flights and lost baggage. Hell is definitely how it should be described.

Setting off on their trip, they described how they were meant to be flying from London to Amsterdam, to then get a connecting flight to South America. The first flight was delayed, and then the connecting flight took off “without warning” before they had made it.

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habbs Habboo on honeymoon

via Instagram @jamielaing

As a result, Jamie and Sophie were flown all the way BACK to London, to get a flight to Bogata, then another to Panama, and then a final trip to the island of their actual honeymoon destination. “This is a total fuck up,” Jamie said on Instagram.

They ended up touching down in four countries in 24-hours, following back to back delays and changes to their schedule. To add to their disruption, the airline Jamie and Sophie were flying with lost all of Jamie’s baggage somewhere along the way. Chaos.

Talking about losing his stuff, Jamie said he’s “beginning to lose his patience”. On Instagram, he said: “32hrs later we arrive in Panama. [Sophie’s] luggage is here. Mine isn’t… it’s been left in Columbia… patience is starting to go now.”


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Posting on TikTok, Jamie has shared they’ve since arrived to their island, which he described as “complete paradise”. Cue the now gorgeous pictures of a tranquil sanctuary, just as a honeymoon should be.

Mind you, someone in the comments of the TikTok said they’d done some research and speculated the island they might be staying at costs up to £12k a night, so Jamie and Sophie have potentially shed two nights of their stay. Does holiday insurance cover stuff like that? They can hope.

Jamie Laing and Sophie Habbs Habboo on honeymoon

via Instagram @jamielaing

Hopefully the chaos for Jamie and Habbs is over, and their real honeymoon can now begin. Jamie still doesn’t have any luggage, though.

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