Guys, the Love Island 2023 final is next week and it’s a super long episode!

I’m so not ready for it to be over

I don’t mean to alarm anyone but the date for the Love Island 2023 final has crept up and is now officially upon us, as we have less than a week of our fav show to go.

This year has brought chaos, drama, tears and more, but now it’s all coming to an end. Soon we will find out who from the remaining couples will be crowned winners of Love Island 2023, taking over from current winners Kai and Sanam.

The Love Island 2023 final episode date

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When is the date of the Love Island 2023 final and what is still to come?

The Love Island 2023 final date is next Monday, July 31st. It’s been reported the show will be an extra long send-off episode, from 9pm to 10:35pm. The 95-minute episode is longer than any of the series so far.

During this episode, we can expect to see the last day the Islanders spent in the villa, ahead of the huge finale party. They prepare and give their declarations of love, and we watch them get all ready for the final. Then, Maya Jama will enter the 2023 villa for once last time, and we will find out whose come in third and second, and who of course has won the show this year.

Maya will lead a highlights reel for each couple, and a live audience will be in the villa watching everything unfold. There is also usually a recap of some of the standout moments from the series. The public will be invited to vote for their favourite couple, who will then win the show.

Ahead of the big moment where we crown a winner, there are still some big events in the Love Island calendar to come. We’ve had the teaser for the Love Island talent show, and the last remaining couples will also be sent on their lavish final dates ahead of the final. These usually include a yacht trip, and drinks in front of gorgeous backdrops. Expect live bands, romantic music and a few crying Islanders. There is also usually one dumping of a couple, right before the final.

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