‘Boring!’: Love Island’s Maura and Faye clap back at claims they had a huge fight at the NTAs

‘She calls me a silly cow most days and she ain’t wrong’

Love Island stars Maura Higgins and Faye Winter have both clapped back at recent claims they had “a huge fight” whilst at the NTAs last night. It was previously reported the girls had an argument which lasted over an hour, and onlookers claimed Faye had thrown a shoe at Maura.

In a video obtained by The Sun, the two women can be seen stood at a bar at the event having a very heated exchange. They are pointing and raising hands at each other, and from their facial expressions you can see the chat isn’t exactly peaceful. It looks as though TOWIE star Pete Wicks and other onlookers break them apart and try to disperse the argument.

Later in the night, Maura was reportedly overheard relaying the conversation to her friend and called Faye a “silly cow”. She apparently said: “She’s f*cking embarrassing. I went ‘What do you mean by that’, I went ‘don’t you ever do that to me you silly cow. Don’t you ever speak to me like that’.”

Now, posting on Instagram, both women have rubbished the claims, with Faye joking that Maura calls her a “silly cow most days”. Maura did admit the pair were engaged in a “passionate conversation” but said there was “no drama”.

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“Boring! Can’t have a passionate conversation without people videoing and press trying to turn women against one another,” Maura posted. “ILY Faye Winter, no drama here.” Faye added in a further post: “I mean she calls me a silly cow most days and she ain’t wrong. I can confirm no designer shoes were disrespected in this conversation.”

The Sun reported the argument lasted over an hour, and was said to be over a pair of shoes, with one source alleging Faye threw her shoes at Maura earlier on in the night. One witness overheard Maura saying: “Starting on you…don’t point your finger at me.”

Someone who had to step in could be heard saying: “Girls, girls. Why are you fighting? This has been going on for an hour now. Stop it, stop it.”

One onlooker said: “Maura looked furious with Faye – the pair were arguing quite loudly and in front of a loads of people. It was quite embarrassing and they were at it for ages.” Another said: “Maura and Faye looked a bit worse for wear and were rowing for most of the evening. They seemed to be really p*ssed off at each other. It looks like there may be more that meets the eye and they seem to have some ongoing feud.”

Making it very clear she wants nothing to do with the claims, Maura commented under Faye’s Instagram post from the night: “LY WIFE”.

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