Awkward, this is why there was so much tension between Georgia and Toby on Love Island

Is nobody going to mention they were very much together on Love Island Games just a few months ago?

Last night Love Island returned for its first ever All Stars series and it was full of drama, but one thing was ridiculously annoying: Are Georgia and Toby ever going to address the elephant in the room that is their previous relationship?

Yep, not everyone is aware that Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran do have a lot of history – which is why they kept talking about it, and were saying they had expected Georgia to say she wanted to couple up with Toby.

2018’s Georgia and 2021’s Toby were very much cracking on when they both appeared on Love Island Games last year. They coupled up on the show, and then were flirting and kissing in the villa. The spin-off show was on Peacock in the US, so not a lot of the UK audience are aware the pair were even a thing.


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On day nine of Love Island Games, Georgia and Toby got dumped from the spin-off show together. Toby said in his exit interview: “I came out with a beautiful girl, and that was always the goal, so Love Island part two worked!” That’s definitely him saying they found something together, right?


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Once back in the UK, Toby posted a couple of pictures with Georgia from the Love Island Games villa to his Instagram account, and said: “I can’t lie, I didn’t see that coming… but the games are the games! Love all the support from you guys! So what’s next then?”

What happened between Love Island All Stars cast members Toby and Georgia

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Ahead of Love Island: All Stars, Georgia said: “I liked that I coupled up with Toby [on Love Island Games]. We were in there for four days, so we didn’t really get to progress anything. I thought he was a really nice boy, like we really got on. We kissed once, but we didn’t really have time.

“So, I don’t know, if he came in the villa, I’d feel really…I think I’d feel comforted a bit because he already knows me to a certain level, but we never really had the opportunity to develop. And I think, yeah, that could be a nice little thing.”

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