Love Island All Stars cast member Georgia Steel on MTV Cribs

A clip of Love Island’s Georgia Steel on MTV Cribs has resurfaced and it’s hilarious

She lived on a farm and drove a tractor around for the show

Before and after Love Island, Georgia Steel has been on loads of TV shows – and one of those is the one and only MTV Cribs. After her first time in the villa, Georgia took the show around her family home and clips from it have been resurfacing now she’s on All Stars.

Georgia was on Love Island 2018, and after this in 2019, took MTV around the house she was living in at the time. It’s her family home, her brother makes an appearance and there are family pictures all over the walls. In a clip uploaded to TikTok, you can tell it’s a pretty boujie affair.

The clips starts off with Georgia rocking on a rocking horse, calling it “one of her best childhood memories”. She then goes into a huge games room, fit with a swing that she kindly demonstrates on camera.


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Georgia then walks through the rest of the house, before heading upstairs to her all-pink bedroom. It’s got pink bedding, a pink sofa, pink accessories, pink blankets, a pink rug, and a pink light fixture. It’s a lot. She then jumps on her bed and says “this is where the magic used to happen, just don’t tell my mum and dad.”

She then heads outside and shows us her tractor – yes she really did live on a farm with her own tractor. She shows us the 5″3 wheels, which are the same size as her, before climbing in and going for a spin.

It’s then over to the barn, where the Steel chickens live. Georgia screams and says she’s scared of them, whilst attempting to pick up a chicken called Jemima. She then grabs some eggs before telling the camera crew to “get off my land”. It’s a lot!

The full clip of Georgia Steel on MTV Cribs has been uploaded to YouTube too:

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