The cast of MAFS UK 2023 and what they're all up to now

Day jobs, brand deals and arguments: One month on, what the MAFS UK 2023 cast are up to

Matt and Georges are going into business together!

It’s now been a whole month since we last saw the cast of MAFS UK 2023 on the TV during the experiment. The reunion was weeks ago, and they’ve been let loose for a while now, and free to share updates of what’s going on in their lives.

And it seems they’ve definitely been keeping busy. It appears the couples are still together, and others have been back at their day jobs, landing brand deals and attending fancy events with whoever they’re still friends with from the show. There have been new relationship revelations, fallings out, and of course, Luke and Jordan are never going to let us forget they’ve got that boxing match coming up.

So, one month on from the show, here’s everything the cast of MAFS UK 2023 have been up to.

Peggy and Georges have launched a joint Instagram account

Peggy and Georges have confirmed they’re still together, and since the show have launched a joint Instagram profile, called Team Geggy. They’ve posted a few fun selfies on the new profile, and some pictures of them going on dates together. Georges still does his gaming, and goes live on Twitch and TikTok most days.

Erica and Jordan are talking about moving in together

Erica and Jordan have been absolutely thriving since the show ended, and are still together. They go live on Instagram and TikTok almost daily, and have been talking about moving in together.

Speaking to The Mirror, Jordan explained they’re currently going back and forth between their hometowns – Sheffield and Edinburgh – to spend time together. However they said they want to move in together in Manchester “as soon as we can” and are looking at February as a potential date.

Of course, after teasing loads after the show, Erica did also give Jordan that big haircut she promised – and he looks great now.

Tasha and Paul have been spending loads of time with the other MAFS cast members

After the show, Tasha and Paul confirmed they are still together, but since then haven’t really given much of an update as to what they’re up to. Tasha is clearly still mates with all her fellow MAFS cast members, regularly posting pictures with the girls, and she recently attended The Beauty Awards with them, too.

Paul also hangs out with the other cast members a lot now too, recently going to Leeds for a night out with Matt and Terence.

Rozz and Thomas are spending time together again

Since the show ended and we watched them break up, Rozz and Thomas have been spending time together, and people are convinced they’re rekindling things. Thomas recently went to dinner and to watch a play with Rozz’s parents, and they relived their honeymoon by going skiing.

They’re saying they’re just friends, with Rozz adding to one post: “Super grateful for our bond and friendship! Thank you for being amazing Tom.”

Matt and Shona are together now and Matt’s gone into business with Georges!

Matt was matched with and married Adrienne on the show this year, who together made it to the final vows, but in the reunion announced their differences had become too much. At the reunion he met Shona, and the couple have been secretly dating for five months whilst the show has been on.

Now, in an interview, Matt and Shona have said they are already planning to get married. Matt said: “We definitely want to get married. Getting married abroad would be lovely but, logistically, we would do it in the UK for family coming and stuff like that.”

Shona added: “Yeah, we’ve spoken about getting married. Matt has said he will wear a kilt because my family are Scottish. We would get married here in the UK and have an amazing honeymoon, maybe in Bali. We’ve spoken about engagement rings, we just need the money first.”

The couple also said they are looking to start a family in the “next few years”, after not wanting a family became one of the main reasons Matt’s marriage with Adrienne didn’t work out.

On top of his romantic life, Matt and Georges have just announced they’re going into business together! Both of the guys are big into fitness and sport, and in a joint Instagram post have said they are creating “the best online coaching service possible to help YOU achieve your goals going into the new year.”

They are creating an app where clients can access nutrition advice, fitness and health tips and workouts.

Adrienne has moved house and is ready to start dating again

As for Matt’s ex Adrienne, she too has moved on. She said the reunion episode was “awful” for her, and has left her needing a fresh start. She has now moved home to Liverpool, and is leaving the experiment behind her. She said moving has been “scary but exciting” and she’s glad she “took the plunge”.

Adrienne has recently been on a bestie holiday to Krakow with Erica, and she also confirmed she’s ready to start dating again!

Arthur is back at his day job and still talks to Laura daily

Just two days after MAFS ended, Arthur said he was back at his day job. He is back working as a tennis coach, teaching children with autism.

Laura told The Tab she and Arthur have a much healthier relationship now, and they still talk daily. When asked what their relationship is like now, Laura said: “We are great. We talk daily. Whether it’s voice notes, phone calls, texts. Now that we’re in a friendship, we support each other and it’s not a struggle.

“Now, it’s a genuine level playing field friendship. For me, we’re at our best selves when we’re friends.” She added: “He will always be special to me, he has taught me a lot, but for now we are where we are and the reasons for us parting ways are still there.”

Loads of the girls have got brand deals

After the show, loads of the girls took the classic route of becoming influencers. Erica, Ella, Adrienne and Peggy have all secured brand deals off the back of their TV fame. Ella was the first of the MAFS UK 2023 cast to start rolling in brand deals. Just days into the show she was lined up by PrettyLittleThing to be the fashion brand’s first ever transgender model.

Adrienne then announced she had landed a “dream come true” brand deal with cosmetics brand, BPerfect Cosmetics. On the same day as her MAFS bestie Adrienne, Erica also announced she had the same deal with BPerfect Cosmetics. Peggy has also revealed big things on the horizon for her. She’s teamed up with pyjama company Queen’s Park Sleepwear and has her own collection!

Nathanial and Laura have fallen out

One friendship that has taken a turn since MAFS is Laura and Nathanial’s, with them confirming they are no longer friends after the show. Nathanial posted on Instagram that he “no longer fucks with” with Laura and called her “fake” adding the snake emoji.

This all seems very dramatic when all Laura said on her story when she was asked why they’re no longer friends was “in all honesty, I don’t really know.” She added: “Difference of opinion mainly. There’s no malice there at all from me. Sometimes these things happen. I wish him nothing but the best for the future but we aren’t friends and that’s fine.”

Luke is preparing for his boxing match with Jordan

The biggest feud during MAFS UK 2023 was between Luke and Jordan, with a physical fight ending in Luke being kicked off the experiment. Now the boys have confirmed they’re having a post-MAFS boxing match, to finally but their differences to bed.

The match is taking place at the Indigo at The O2 arena on the 9th of February. Standing tickets start from £40 and VIP is £100. Terence is going to be hosting the match, of course.

Luke has been posting on Instagram about how much he’s prepping for the event, and said: “Coming off MAFS I was 205lbs, Now I’m 183lbs 🙌🏼 22lbs lost – Getting match fit 👀🥊”.

Brad is now working at Savers in Grimsby

Since being kicked off MAFS UK 2023, Brad Skelly has started a job at Savers in Grimsby. It looks as though he’s gone back to a normal day job working in the retail store, with the brand posting pictures of him and other staff members preparing for the festive period on its Facebook page.

“Christmas has come early in Grimsby Savers with our amazing offers and Black Friday deals,” one post said. The pictures attached show Brad holding up some perfumes, as he poses in his store uniform with his staff lanyard on.

Mark has completely slated the show

Mark’s time on the show didn’t work out, when he swiftly ended things with his groom, Sean. But now he’s gone for the show, and has said it’s left him “unemployed and single” after he quit his job for the experiment.

“I know it was my choice but it felt like I was mis-sold this dream that it would work and I would say goodbye to my normal life,” he said in an interview. He claimed the show took tips from Love Island to maximise the drama potential.

Channel 4 clapped back and said: “All contributors are thoroughly prepped for the experience of being on Married at First Sight UK, a prominent TV reality series. We stress to all cast that the series should not be seen as a vehicle to gain fame or celebrity and warn against unrealistic expectations of this nature.”

Queen Bianca is thriving

Before the show, Bianca worked as a hair specialist, and it looks as though she’s back working at her hair extensions business. She’s also been living her best life with gifted stays at fancy hotels, attending events and hanging out having brunch with her fellow MAFS UK cast members. She’s been doing some Instagram adverts, and is definitely embracing everything that’s changed in her life. Good for her!

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