Outer Banks cast net worths: Who is the Netflix show’s richest star?

Let’s just say, it’s a good time to be Madelyn Cline

Not a day goes by where I don’t wish I was a Pogue. Oh to be one of the cast of Outer Banks, with their ridiculous good looks, cool lives, enviable in real life friendships and apparent huge net worths. I love it for them, I really do.

The cast of our fav Netflix show are reportedly paid between $20k and $40k per episode, so they’re clearly not doing too badly for themselves. Plus, in the last couple of years loads of them have been in big other shows and films, and Outer Banks really is just the start of their massive careers. Here is the cast of Outer Banks on Netflix, ranked by their net worths.

Jonathan Daviss – $500k

Jonathan Daviss has been in a lot of other shows, as well as Outer Banks, recently. Most notably, he was in Netflix film Do Revenge, which was released in 2022. He has an estimated net worth of $500k.

Madison Bailey – $500k

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Madison Bailey has a current net worth of $500k. Before starring in Outer Banks, she had a recurring role in Black Lightning on The CW. She also plays Kelley in the American Horror Story spin-off, American Horror Stories. Madison has 7.4million Instagram followers, and often posts ads on there, including a few with Fenty.

Rudy Pankow – $500k

It’s been estimated that Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, has a net worth of $500k. Rudy has been in a number of other films, and has had some small roles in other TV shows, such as being an extra in The Politician on Netflix.

Chase Stokes – $650k

The net worths of the cast of Outer Banks on Netflix

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In a previous interview, Chase Stokes said he had been living in his car before his big break, and had $-36 in his bank account. But then, he was offered the audition for Outer Banks and everything changed. He’s since earned himself a net worth of $650k, and has been in a number of other TV shows.

Drew Starkey – $750k



It’s been a big year to be Madelyn Cline. Not only has she been in a new season of Outer Banks, but she also featured in Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. This has helped her to have one of the biggest of all the net worths of the cast of Outer Banks – currently sitting on a $800k fortune.

Austin North – $2million

The net worths of the cast of Outer Banks on Netflix

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According to reports, Austin North, who plays Topper, has a net worth of an estimated $2million. He’s been acting for a long time, and played Logan Watson in the original Disney Channel sitcom I Didn’t Do. He was also in Jessie and All Night.

Charles Esten – $4million

Charles Esten plays Wade Cameron in Outer Banks, but is best known for being Deacon Claybourne in Nashville. In the show, Deacon is a country singer, and this role helped Charles launch his own music career as a singer and songwriter. He has an estimated net worth of $4million.

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