What Love Island 2023 stars Will Young and Jessie Wynter have been up to since

From Paris trips to book deals: Everything Will and Jessie have been up to since Love Island

How did these two not make the final?!

Since Love Island 2023, we’ve all been in our Jessie and Will era. No shame, their relationship is the best. Forget PrettyLittleThing brand deals and petty dramas with their fellow Islanders, the couple have instead given us lambing content and romantic holidays. I’m here for it!

They might not have won, or even made it to the final –  which on reflection is as absolute travesty – but Jessie and Will have solidified themselves among some of the best couples to come from the show.

Let’s have a catch up with winter Love Island favourites Will and Jessie, and have a rundown of everything they’ve been up to since leaving the villa.

After Love Island, Will and Jessie headed back to work on Will’s family farm

Straight after the show, Will and Jessie headed back to Will’s family farm in Buckinghamshire. Every day it’s been TikToks and Instagram content of Jessie petting alpacas, the two of them out lambing, feeding the pigs and even clips of them hitting Tesco for the first time.

They’ve revealed that since Love Island, they have some big plans for their future together

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Jessie said she needs to head back to Australia at the end of May to sort out her visa and fetch some things, but her longterm plan is to come straight back to the UK, stay on the farm with Will, and then they’ll move out and live together in the UK.

She said she feels really at home on the farm, and has got on well with Will’s parents, who share two sons so have loved having a girl around the place. They mentioned the idea of living in their own out house on the farm, but the finer details of where they’ll settle together haven’t been decided.

The pair said their next holiday might be a trip to Australia to see Jessie’s family, and this could coincide with Jessie heading back to sort her visa.

Since the show, Will has announced he has a book deal!

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The pair said their next holiday might be a trip to Australia to see Jessie’s family, and this could coincide with Jessie heading back to sort her visa.

Since the show, Will has announced he has a book deal!

In a big move, Will has revealed he’s releasing his first book later this year. For the Love of Farming “brings my home to you” he said of the book, which will be out in October 2023. He said the book, which is already available to preorder, should educate people on the world of farming.

They went on a romantic trip to Paris

Recently, Will and Jessie went on a trip to Paris which was so romantic, people actually started to think they’d got engaged. Jessie arranged the trip for Will’s birthday, who said it was their first holiday together, and described the trip as “the most romantic place with the most perfect girl.”

Jessie planned the getaway after Will told her in the villa it was the place in the world he wanted to go to the most. “Paris was also on my bucket list but I didn’t think I’d be going anytime soon or ticking it off with someone I’m so in love with,” she said on Instagram.

They got the Eurostar from London, and then did all the touristy bits, including posing for some cute couple pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. They had what Jessie called “the most magical day ever” visiting Disneyland, and went to an underwater themed restaurant called Ephemera in the centre of Paris.

Jessie hasn’t kept in touch with any other Love Island 2023 cast members apart from Will since the villa

Since Love Island, it’s looked as though Jessie and Will have been completely in their own bubble. People noticed Will hadn’t been meeting up with his fellow “three musketeers” Tom and Casey, who have been going out a lot together, and all their posts are just the two of them.

Speaking to The Sun, Jessie said she’s not met up with anyone from the show, and would only meet up with Ellie Spence if she had the chance. “I’ve messaged people on social media but I haven’t seen many of the other Islanders since leaving the villa,” she said. “The main one I would’ve seen is Ellie – I think Ellie’s a gem and I was really sad when she left the villa.”

Jessie has hinted Love Island isn’t the only reality show she and Will could do

There have been heavy hints thrown around that Will and Jessie have landed a reality show since Love Island, but for now all Jessie has said is that she’d love to star in more shows one day.

“Will and I adore spending time together and doing a show together would be the dream,” Jessie told The Sun. “We would definitely love to do that one day.” She added: “I would love to do I’m a Celeb. I would give it a solid crack, I’m from the country in Australia – I’m a tough nut. I wouldn’t be backing down in there.”

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