So, the twist ending of YOU season four was actually hinted at four times previously

How did we not see this coming?

Right, we’ve all watched the ending of YOU season four by now, and finally taken a long, hard look at ourselves and realised Joe Goldberg is an awful man. It’s been a long time coming, but the conclusion showed him as being well and truly petrifying.

During season four, it becomes clear Joe has developed split personality disorder, which is why he always thinks he is killing for good, can’t remember some of the times he’s killed people, and when he is killing people, loses all control. Sera Gamble, YOU’s show runner, has said the writers have been building up to Joe’s personality splitting. “Joe goes crazier every season,” she said. “And if you if you trace back, he’s always been delusional in his thoughts.”

It turns out, we were shown hints to the ending of YOU season four loads of times before, and in hindsight, I don’t know how it took us all by surprise. It really was staring us in the face all this time!

Joe was told he had split personality disorder all the way back in season one

Sera Gamble confirmed the writers have known this is what would happen to Joe, all the way since season one. And, by the looks of one clip which seemed to pass us all by, they made us very aware of it.

There was an episode in season one where Joe visits Beck’s therapist who he later framed for her murder, and he tells Joe he has a split personality. “I think there’s two of you,” Dr Nicky said. “One’s been hurt in the past, or betrayed, helpless. The other one has faith, despite the evidence to the contrary.”

The season was literally split into two parts

Come on now guys, season four was literally split into two parts and none of us knew why. It was all a hint!!!!

Penn Badgley posted a TikTok five months ago, telling us all about Joe

We all thought it was really fun when famously not on social media Penn Badgely joined TikTok. Little did we know he’d be subtly posting YOU Easter eggs. He posted a TikTok of himself to the Taylor Swift audio where she sings “It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me,” whilst looking at himself.

YOU even admitted this was a hint at the season four ending all along, tweeting the clip and saying: “Taylor isn’t the only one who does Easter eggs.”

There was a big ol’ clue staring us in the face on the YOU season four poster, as well

YOU season four ending easter egg

via Netflix

We should all know by now that posters to our fav shows almost always have Easter eggs in. Theories have been made about Stranger Things from the posters, and remember that wild show Behind Her Eyes? The poster for that had the ending on it all along, too.

YOU is no different, as people have pointed out the poster for season four features the “YOU” logo… split into two parts. I’m actually shook.

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