‘I don’t see us being friends now’: What the dumped Islanders have said about Mitch

‘Everything he does is for the show’

Since day one, Mitch has been one of the biggest characters in Love Island 2023 – and even after they’ve been dumped, the cast can’t keep his name out their mouths.

He’s been dividing opinions all over the place, with some ex-Islanders saying they’re confused by his behaviour in the villa, whilst others explaining he’s always been very open with having a game plan.

Here is a rundown of all the things dumped Islanders have said about Mitch, since they’ve left the Love Island villa.

‘I told him he moves like Joe from YOU’

André, who was dumped much earlier in the series, has tweeted saying whilst he was in the villa with Mitch he told him “he’s moving like Joe from YOU” and Mitch “got pissed off” with him. I mean Mitch is intense, sure, but this is very harsh!

He also agreed with a tweet saying Mitch “lied and lied” during Casa Amor, and that his movie night film would be “Oscar worthy.” André added: “Even the 3D glasses will be needed for this one.”

‘He said to me he wants to become a memorable character’

After she left the villa, dumped Islander Kady spilled loads of tea about Mitch. She said he admitted to having a game plan, and had studied every past season of the show.

Speaking with Heat magazine, Kady said: “He’s being smart because Mitch is very like, he’s studied every series of Love Island. He’s a super fan of Love Island. He even said to me he wants to be a memorable character. I think he’s smart, he knows that they’re all going to vote them as the least compatible so he’s throwing that madness out there, Ella B’s fake to confirm the fact that he knows they’re already going.”


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‘Everything he does is for the show’

Dumped Casa Amor Islanders Tink and Gabby also backed up what Kady said about having a game plan, and said Mitch is “open” about it with the Islanders. Speaking on the Pop Off podcast, Tink said: “Whoever Mitch likes, you’re in. He openly says it, he’s just too much about the game. The game as in the show. Everything he says and does, it’s for the show.”

‘He’s playing a game, it’s desperate’

Dumped Love Island cast members Ruchee and André got pretty savage in an interview, discussing who they thought the villa’s biggest game player is. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Ruchee said it was clear from when Mitch jumped into a friendship couple with Jess that he didn’t have the best intentions.

“I feel like Mitch is playing a game,” she said. “Just because, when he came in, he didn’t see Jess [romantically] like that. And now he’s trying to flirt with Jess, and it’s desperate. Don’t do that.” André agreed, and added: “I think that Mitch might be playing a game as well.”

‘I don’t see us being friends now’

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Abi had a turbulent experience with Mitch, and has said now all has happened, she doesn’t view them as friends anymore. “I don’t see us being friends on the outside, I don’t feel like he treated me fairly, I think he could have handled things a bit differently,” she said. “I don’t think he went about things in the right way.”

She added: “Going into the villa my sights were always set on Mitch, he was the front runner the whole time because he had such great energy and I knew when we met that we would bounce off each other. We got on better than I initially expected but we both moved quite quickly so our connection fizzled out quite quickly.

“Before Ella B arrived, me and Mitch were really good. I genuinely felt really happy with him and I believed it when he told me that he had tunnel vision for me. Mitch told me if I cut things off with Scott he would make things exclusive with me so I never doubted our connection and felt like we could potentially be something.”

‘He’d be completely different in the outside world – it’s a bit weird’


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George Fensom has been dining out on Q&A sessions on TikTok since he was the first dumped Islander on the season this year. When asked what he thinks about Mitch as a person, he said they did get on, but he thinks Mitch would be completely different in the outside world to what he’s like in the villa.

“I feel like Mitch as a person on the outside is going to be completely different to him on the inside of the villa,” he said. “As we know, he’s been in past relationships, he’s had the single lifestyle now.

“I feel like, at the start he was doing everything to basically shut himself off completely with the Molly situation way too early. That fizzled out – which is interesting. You’ve then got the whole Jess thing, and it’s like he was just telling her what she wants to hear for the sake of being on the show.”

George added that “boy to boy” he thought the way Mitch had navigated the show was “a bit weird”.

‘He’s full on’

What dumped Love Island 2023 cast have said about Mitch

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Dumped Islander Charlotte confirmed Mitch is very “full on” to be around in the Love Island villa. She told Closer: “I do feel like Mitch was obviously very full on but then when you’re in there he is still full on but he’s just full on with a few different people.

“My bit didn’t get aired of him having like flirty conversations with me and him. But I think everyone knows that he’s like that, he’s a very flirty guy and I don’t think he really knows what he wants.”

During a Q&A on Instagram, Charlotte also said she thought Mitch is the “least genuine” Islander, and said she’s been “a little bit confused” by his behaviour on the show.

‘I don’t think Mitch is over Molly at all’

Back when Mitch said he’d chosen Molly to save her in the recoupling, and as some sort of expression of thanks towards the boys, dumped Islander George called this “weird” and said it shows signs he’s not over Molly at all.

“Mitch choosing Molly in the recoupling was a little bit weird,” George said. “Over saving Ruchee, I don’t think it made any sense. I don’t think Mitch is over Molly at all. If he had come in a little bit easier, and maybe not started kissing her knee, he might have been alright.”

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