Someone’s found old pictures of Love Island 2023’s Leah and she looks totally different

Look up glow up in the dictionary and her name is there

Someone has found old pictures of Leah Taylor from way before her Love Island 2023 days, and the transformation she has had over the years is wild.

27-year-old Leah is one of the older contestants this year, and now as an influencer has a pristine Instagram full of perfect selfies and gorgeous pictures of her life.

However, someone on TikTok has dug out some old pictures of Leah from when she was much younger, and her change is real. She used to have brown hair, much heavier eyebrows and she followed the same cringe ’00s hair and makeup trends the rest of us did. There’s hope for us all!

Old pictures of Leah Taylor before her Love Island 2023 transformation

via TikTok

Talking of her big transformation before Love Island, one person said in the comments of the video: “Leah had a glow up”. Another said: “Leah and Kady grew up to beautiful women.” Leah has never spoken about cosmetic surgery or any work she may have had done, but in more recent pictures it looks as though she might have had some adjustments made to her teeth.

There was a moment earlier in the series this year, when Molly realised she already knew Leah before the villa, but commented that she looked totally different because she used to have brown hair. Leah has posted loads of pictures from around her uni days when she has brown hair, and it does change her entire vibe.

Old pictures of Leah Taylor before her Love Island 2023 transformation

via Instagram @leahjtaylorr

When she entered the villa, it was revealed Leah has loads of Islander connections – including her ex being 2019 Islander Danny Williams, and Maura Higgins being her best mate.

Speaking about going on the show,  Leah said: “I’ve realised through past experiences exactly what I want in life when it comes to love. I’m ready to find it now and I’m not going to wait around. I’ve figured out what it is that I look for in a person, which means my bar is set really high.”

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