Jess has detailed all the cosmetic surgery work she had done for the Love Island 2023 villa

She’s been getting work done for the last four years

Love Island 2023’s Jess Harding has detailed all the cosmetic surgery and work she had done ahead of entering the villa. Before the show, Jess was working as an aesthetics practitioner in London, so she definitely knows what she’s doing with this sort of thing.

Speaking to press, 22-year-old Jess said she’s been getting work done for the last four years, since she was 18. At her own cosmetic company, called Candy Aesthetics, Jess offers services such as Botox, fillers, and Brazilian bum lifts.

Speaking about the work she herself has had done over the years, she said you “can’t really turn down” procedures when it’s so easy for you to get, working in the industry yourself. “When it’s cheap and you can get someone else to do it for you, you can’t really turn it down,” she said.

“Considering it’s my job I don’t actually have a lot done,” she added. “I think a lot of practitioners do have their whole face jabbed, but I do stick to the natural look.”

Jess said ahead of her time in the Love Island villa, the cosmetic surgery she has had done is Botox, cheek and chin filler, and filler in her lips.

“I had my lips done, since I was 18 I had such little lips, but it started off getting a little bit in my cheeks, just because it gives off that nice contour, it just gives a structure to the face,” she said. “I don’t think it looks fake or anything like that.”

Love Island 2023 star Jess Harding shares the cosmetic surgery work she had done before the villa

via ITV

Jess went on to say she’s been having Botox for around six months, after someone on social media made a comment on a photo about a line on her forehead. She said this became her “biggest insecurity” but she has much more confidence now.

She added that right before going into the villa, she also had her lashes and hair done. She looks fab!

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