A considered ranking of the most insufferable characters in Emily in Paris

Number one actually isn’t Emily Cooper

Every time a new season of Emily in Paris drops there’s a recurring theme: The plot is thin and the characters are annoying, but we binge watch it like our lives depend on it. I accept this silly little show with all its flaws, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

That being said, the characters do make it hard sometimes. They’re whiny, self-centred and some are just generally bad people. I’m not entirely sure how any of them have put up with each other for this long.

Here is a ranking of the undeniably most annoying and insufferable characters there are in Emily in Paris, and if you disagree, there’s a vote at the bottom for you to have your say.

7. Alfie

The most annoying characters in Emily in Paris on Netflix

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Ok, I’m sorry. Alfie is really nice and I love his character, but he deserves a brief mention. Yes, Emily in Paris should be renamed Cheaters in Paris as Alfie is the only loyal person here, but I can’t move past that accent. And don’t call everyone mate! Please!

6. Nicolas de Léon

The most annoying characters in Emily in Paris on Netflix

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I have two words for you: Nepotism baby. Did we ever actually see Nicolas actively make any good business decisions? Or did he just whine and steal other people’s ideas? Mindy, you don’t need this man.

5. Gabriel

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Gabriel is a great guy, but sometimes I just want to shake him and ask him to sort his shit out. He does love a moan and letting himself get walked all over. I also beg Netflix stops ramming the Gabriel and Emily narrative down our throats, we moved on in season two. That’s all.

4. Mindy Chen

The most annoying characters in Emily in Paris on Netflix

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I also do really like Mindy, and have been a Mindy stan since day one. She is always there for Emily, and has her back no matter what. Mindy is great friend and her outfits? I’m wowing. Buuuuuut, for the love of God do we need to hear her sing in every episode?

3. Camille

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I wasn’t ready to dislike Camille but after season three I really do?! Free Gabriel! When did Camille get so selfish and low-key mean? If it weren’t for her impeccable outfits I’d be holding her much more accountable.

2. Emily Cooper

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Considering she’s the entire thing this show is about, I have to question if it was an active decision to make Emily Cooper the most deeply unlikeable character possible? She is ignorant, dangerously un-self-aware and potentially the worst social media manager around.

She treats her friends awfully, cheats on her significant others and at work she is constantly butting into her colleagues’ pitches and pretending she’s God’s gift to marketing. She ruins her own life constantly, and then moans about it. My tiny violin is playing extremely quietly.

1. Madeline Wheeler

The most annoying characters in Emily in Paris on Netflix

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There is no denying Madeline is the worst person in Emily in Paris. She’s giving moany and obnoxious, and she’s giving boomer – I’m sick of it. If you hate Paris, don’t come! We didn’t ask for you here! I can hear Madeline’s whiny tones if I try hard enough, and that will probably make me lose sleep.

So, who do you think is the most annoying Emily in Paris character? Vote here:

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