Love Island Ouzy Kady set up split

‘Utter rubbish’: The woman Ouzy claims ‘set him up’ in hotel during Kady split claps back

‘Imagine thinking you’re important enough to set up, I didn’t force him into a hotel for two nights’

The woman who Ouzy claims “set him up” in the “cheating” scandal that caused him to split from Kady after Love Island 2023 has clapped back, and told The Tab everything he’s saying is “utter rubbish”.

Weeks after the story came out that Ouzy had spent two nights in a hotel with Alicia, which caused Kady to end their relationship, Ouzy said Alicia had “set him up” and there was “no romantic connection” between them.

He told MailOnline: “I just want to clear it up, I was in the wrong. I can understand why Kady was upset, the girl [Alicia] set me up, she came to the hotel and I had never done anything with her.

“I was with Kady when she posted the statement of the split online and was with her when it all came out. We weren’t exclusive at the time and we hadn’t even had our first date. Things were going in the right direction and going well but when we came out of the villa, things were so different.

“Then that happened on July 30 and after me and Kady met up and I kind of ruined it. I knew the girl before, I knew of her. We’d met like three times as friends, but she messaged me when I was out and about in London. There was no romantic connection though. This girl’s friends were all posting about it on Twitter and it was muggy and it looked bad on Kady’s side. But I never had a romantic connection with her. It is what it is and I’m happy now.”

But, Alicia has said this isn’t at all the case, and instead has said Ouzy is attempting to paint her in a bad light, so that he doesn’t look bad.

“In no way, shape or form did I ‘set him up’,” Alicia told The Tab. “Ouzy told me that he and Kady were no longer seeing each other. It’s utter rubbish and to say there was no romantic connection is laughable.”

Alicia who Ouzy claims 'set him up' in hotel room to split from Kady

via Instagram @liciloula

She said if she was to see Ouzy again she “wouldn’t waste any breath on him” and said: “It’s disgusting he’s thrown me under the bus and painted me out to be a person I’m not, directing hate towards me just to make himself look better.

“He’s painting me out to be someone I’m not when he was the one initiating something saying they weren’t together. I didn’t force him into a hotel room for two nights. What benefit would I get out of setting him up?” Alicia said since Ouzy spoke to MailOnline, she has had nothing but hate messages in her DMs.

On her Instagram story, Alicia added: “Set up? What a joke. Imagine thinking you’re important enough to be set up. It’s always easier to find an excuse or shift the blame to someone else. Accept responsibility for your actions.”

At the time, The Tab spoke to a verified source close to the story, and has found out exactly what was claimed to have happened between Ouzy and Alicia. They said the pair knew each other for over a year, and “bumped into each other” again in London.

They said when Alicia asked Ouzy about Love Island he said “nothing was going on” between himself and Kady, and said they “weren’t seeing each other” and were just friends. They spent two nights in the Z-Hotel in Covent Garden and were being “openly affectionate” with one another, holding hands and having drinks.

Ouzy “didn’t seem to care” when a fan of Love Island came and asked him for a photo whilst Alicia was sat with him. “Alicia asked him if he was single or whether he was actually dating Kady, he said he wasn’t dating her,” they told The Tab.

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