The Love Is Blind jobs make no sense, so here’s what the season six cast actually do

Ok now I see how Clay is making bank

There have been a lot of talking points during the latest Love Is Blind. Chelsea and Megan Fox, loads of the cast members apparently having secret partners, and who could forget the Matthew drama? But one thing that is confusing people more than ever is what the cast of Love Is Blind season six do for their jobs.

Like, what does Clay do? Did he say it was something to do with jet skis? How did he buy that house? Why are their job titles put on the screen so often, but they also mean absolutely nothing?

Here’s a rundown of exactly what the cast of Love Is Blind season six do for their jobs.


Jobs of the Love Is Blind season six cast

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AD’s job is actually one that’s pretty simple, she’s a real estate agent. She shares a lot of her listings on Instagram, and through a link on her page, you can book 15-minute first time buyer consultation with AD, to get her advice.

She also makes a little bit of money on the side through commissions on her Amazon site. She recommends things to buy such as lounge sets, slippers and content creator equipment.


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Ok on the show there are lots of hints at Clay’s work, and everyone wants to know how he’s managed to buy a house. Throughout the series he is referred to as working in “tech sales” and on the official cast list is listed as an “entrepreneur”. But, like, what does that actually mean?

Well, we can finally put the jet ski questions to bed, because his Insta tells us all. Clay is the owner of WaveSandy Water Rentals, a rental company for jet ski and boats in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The company’s official website says: “Being a black-owned business for jet skis can provide opportunities for growth, community support, while also supporting diversity and inclusion in the boating industry. As a Black-owned business, it is important to offer quality products and services, and to develop a strong reputation within the community.” He also does loads of fun TikToks for the brand.


Lake rentals are fun! Let me show you 👀 #boatrental #seadooswitch #thingstodoincharlotte #boatlife #thingstodoincharlottenc #jetskirentals #CLT #NC #jetskirental

♬ Confident and Successful Business Business – TimTaj

On top of this, Clay also has a property that he rents on Airbnb. The listing is an “uptown loft” and costs $120 per night. He’s obviously making serious bank here, because it’s booked up until 2025?!

According to his LinkedIn, which hasn’t been updated in years, Clay has worked as a digital analyst for Capital City Rides, a car dealer. He is also listed as a sales representative for a company called Creggar Company. It looks like this company is a wholesale distributor.


Jobs of the Love Is Blind season six cast

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According to the show, Amy is an E-Commerce retail specialist. She has a Master’s degree in international business and according to reports, was a crew member at Walt Disney Studios in 2018. She currently works as Flywheel Digital.


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Johnny is an account executive. He currently works at NAVEX, where he has worked for over three years. NAVEX is an IT risk management company, and Johnny also has a degree in finance.


Jobs of the Love Is Blind season six cast

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Chelsea also has a pretty simple job title – she’s a flight attendant. According to TUDUM, she also works as an event planner. Her Instagram clarifies that she is the owner of Rugged and Radiant, an elopement and wedding planning brand. She also hosts the Rugged and Radiant podcast.


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When watching Love Is Blind, you’ll be told Jimmy works in software sales, which again gives us ~nothing~. There’s an empty LinkedIn account under his name which also gives us absolutely nothing. Right. Great. Thanks.

According to reports he works as a major market sales executive at Paycor, and the company website says it “helps leaders develop their people and build winning teams.” Forbes added it “provides small to midsize businesses with a single platform to conduct all HR tasks from onboarding and payroll to expenses and talent development.”


Jobs of the Love Is Blind season six cast

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Brittany’s job title is another one that’s confusing. On the show she is called an account development manager, but on the official cast list is called a senior client partner. However, on Instagram she states she’s a hair stylist and makeup artist! She has an Instagram account for her makeup work, where you can book her for weddings, events and shoots.

According to her LinkedIn, it looks as though the makeup work goes alongside her other job, as it states she has been a senior client partner at Search Solution Group, and has worked for the company for a year and a half.


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Kenneth works as a middle school principal. He landed the job in 2023, and him being appointed made the news, as Ken is the youngest principle in his school’s history, aged 26 at the time.

He’s the principal of Movement Freedom Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had previously been a teacher there, and because of his pupils’ huge success, was made principal. “I’m like, this has to be too good to be true. This is unheard of,” he told CNBC at the time. “This never happens.”


Jobs of the Love Is Blind season six cast

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Jeramey is listed on the show as being a construction department manager, and his official cast list bio simply states he does “intralogistics”. According to a Google search, intralogistics is “an integrated system of materials management and logistics processes used to optimise the flow of products, materials and information within the facility.” I’m not sure, either.

Apparently in more simple terms, Jeramey works as a waterproofing manager at a company that specialises in basement, foundation, and crawlspace repair. Sure!


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On the show, Laura is referred to as a business development manager, and her TUDUM profile calls her an account director. According to her Instagram she is an account director at MWC – an events company. She also has her own business, as she is one half of Ink Dadi Press, which makes fun, printed notepads.

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