This Morning guest awkwardly hints at Holly’s ‘ghastly’ fallout with Phillip Schofield

Holly was clearly put very on the spot

Yesterday’s episode of This Morning got a little bit awkward when guest Miriam Margolyes made a hint at Holly Willoughby’s fallout from Phillip Schofield, saying it must have been “ghastly” for her.

Miriam joined hosts Holly and Josie Gibson for a call-in with viewers, and aside from dropping the s-bomb live on daytime telly, raised a few eyebrows by putting Holly on the spot with a pretty aimed response to a phone-in.

The final question in the call-in segment was sent in by a viewer who asked Miriam how they could improve their self-confidence. “I know I seem very confident to you and to the people who see me on television,” Miriam said. “But inside, I’m not.”

Later, she looked at Holly and added: “I mean, you must feel the same thing. You know when people were at you, it must have been ghastly.” She seemed to heavy hint people had been “at her” in the fallout from previous co-host Phillip Schofield, following the news he had an affair with a much younger colleague at This Morning.

Holly then awkwardly tried to brush the comment off, and said: “Yeah, I mean everybody feels it.” Big yikes.

Miriam Margolyes hints at Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield fallout on This Morning

This comes as it was recently reported Phillip was trying to make a comeback to showbiz, but had been “blacklisted” by TV channels.

Schofield had been spotted out having dinner with friend Vanessa Feltz, who reportedly attempted to reach out to TV channels to help Phillip relaunch his career. An insider revealed to OK!: “Vanessa was putting the feelers out to TalkTV producers about Phil having a segment there, but they gave her a hard ‘no’. He’s almost been blacklisted from TV.”

Sources close to Phillip Schofield have previously said he doesn’t see himself ever having a comeback or going back to work in presenting again, and this has hit him hard. A friend of Phillip’s said: “Phillip has been very, very down recently. He doesn’t know how he is going to work again. Phillip is pretty sure that he is done.

“He keeps saying he will never work again. It’s devastating for him to realise but he also knows that there is not a lot he can do about it. He doesn’t know who will take him. He knows there is no way back to ITV or the BBC.”

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