Dishing Islander dirt and life with Lochan: Whitney spills all in post Love Island interview

I love that she never holds anything back

Love Island 2023 Whitney Adebayo has appeared on the Saving Grace podcast this week, and spilled loads of juicy gossip about what life was like in the villa, and what she and her fellow Islanders have been up to since.

In the chat, she and host Grace Keeling sat down and discussed un-shown arguments, post villa feuds and what’s next for Whitney and Lochan. Here’s a full rundown of what she had to say.

Whitney was scouted for Love Island 2023

The very first question Whitney was asked on the Saving Grace podcast was if she was scouted or if she applied for Love Island 2023. Whitney explained she was approached by casting via Instagram DM, but then had to fill out an application.

“I got a DM from ITV casting and then I responded like a year later,” she said. “Then I applied and got the call four days later and was [flown] out three weeks later.”

She’s only seen a couple of her fellow Islanders since the show

Whitney has made some strong friendships through Love Island 2023, and we saw the formation of the ultimate girl group in Whit, Ella, Cat and Jess. Since the villa, Whitney said she’s only been in regular contact with Catherine, but has also caught up with Ella and Tyrique, and Ruchee.

What exactly is the deal with Scott and Catherine now?

There’s been a lot of talk about Scott and Catherine since the show. When she split from Elom there were loads of hints Catherine and Scott were going to give things another go, but then Scott obviously packed it all in and went to Love Island USA. However, even since then, they’ve both said they’d give their relationship another go.

Grace asked Whitney exactly what’s going on there, and she said: “I love Scott. Cat and Scott they’ve been alright. There was never ever any animosity between them. The way it was edited made it look that way, but no, we’ve all been on FaceTime together.”

Grace asked Whitney exactly what’s going on there, and she said: “I love Scott. Cat and Scott they’ve been alright. There was never ever any animosity between them. The way it was edited made it look that way, but no, we’ve all been on FaceTime together.”

Right, there’s been some chat of an unaired argument between Kady and Whitney, and she’s finally addressed what happened. “It was in Casa, the night we all had two drinks,” Whitney explained.

“Everyone’s lit. Cat came to me and told me something that Ella said to Kady. I went straight to Ella and asked her what was said. Then Cat and Ella started arguing and then whilst they’re arguing, Kady was like to me ‘Zach doesn’t even like you!’.

“It wasn’t like a big argument, but it was like, it’s been brewing and Kady had been using other people’s situations to talk.”

The entire ‘selfish’ row with Ella was ‘forced’ and made out by producers to be much more than it actually was

Whitney talks on Saving Grace podcast about Love Island 2023

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Remember after Casa when not a lot was happening in the villa and then all of a sudden Whitney and Ella had a falling out and were sent out the villa for a one-to-one to chat things through? Whitney has now said that was hugely blown out of proportion, and was “forced”.

At the time, Whitney called Ella “the most selfish person” she’d ever met and said they “weren’t friends”. But now, she said this was “forced” by producers, and added: “Naturally, me and Ella, we bicker. We bicker and make up, bicker make up. The whole ‘selfish’ comment, I feel like it was over produced.

“I can see how it was perceived on TV. But literally it wasn’t that. It was so misconstrued.”

At one point, Whitney wanted to quit the villa all together!

Whitney had an up and down journey when she first entered the villa, and was coupled up with Mehdi, who was then suddenly dumped. She said it was at this point where she felt like she didn’t want to continue and thought her only option was to leave the show all together.

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Podcast host Grace Keeling asked her if there was any point where she wanted to quit and leave the Love Island villa, and Whitney said: “Tbh, after the whole Mehdi situation. I opened up a lot to him and it was getting there [to being serious]. Obviously he got dumped and then there’s Casa.

“Production’s telling you, ‘talk to these boys, talk to these boys’ and I’m not like that. I don’t chase man. Do you know what I mean? For them to tell me, ‘go and talk to this person’ I’m friends with the girls. I’d rather just chill with them. I don’t wanna be looking for man. At Casa, I was like ‘this is too much’. You lot, just remove me. Just remove me. It was just too much.”

Whitney absolutely hated her makeup and outfit for the Love Island 2023 final

Whitney talks on Saving Grace podcast about Love Island 2023

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During the Love Island 2023 final, a few people on Twitter said Whitney was “done dirty” by her makeup and dress, and on the Saving Grace podcast she agreed. Grace asked her if there were any outfits she was put in during the show that she hated and Whitney replied: “Oh my god yes, the final!”

“Babe [the makeup] literally black and red.” When Grace asked her if she could have done her makeup herself for the final instead of getting it done by the artist who comes into the villa, Whitney said: “For me it just boils down to being rude. If everyone’s getting their makeup done and you’re just there with your bag [doing your own]. You’ve just got to ride the wave.”

Whitney and Lochan are happy not living together right now

Usually the big question for Love Island couples is when they’re going to move in together, but Whitney has said she and Lochan are perfectly happy living apart right now, and moving in together isn’t top of their priorities. “We’re not them kind of people,” she said. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

There is absolutely no way Whitney is going to do a fast fashion deal just for money

When asking Whitney her plans for the future, Grace joked “you’re not going to do a fast fashion deal are you?”. Whitney appeared to shade her other Islanders, let’s note Jess has signed with In The Style and Ella with PLT, by saying “respectfully, that’s not my vibe.”

She said she would only ever do a deal she wanted to, and something she can relate to, and would never sign a deal for “quick coin”.

Watch the full interview with Whitney on the Saving Grace podcast here:

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