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Here’s exactly what is going to happen with Haris in tonight’s episode of Love Island

It was reported earlier today he has been dumped from the villa

Earlier today, it was reported Islander Haris Namani has been dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa. This came after a video of him fighting in the streets was leaked online. But, following this report, a lot of people have been left wondering exactly how tonight’s episode of the show will play out.

Love Island has released a preview of the episode tonight, from which we can see Haris is still going to very much be a part of the show later this evening. He also features in the first look video released by ITV for today.

During tonight’s episode, the Islanders take part in a challenge, called The Space Raunch. In it, the girls get dressed up in cosmic spacesuits and do the classic kissing challenges.

Haris in the preview of Love Island 2023 tonight

via ITV

ITV’s description for the challenge reads: “It’s time for the Islanders to go to another galaxy as they face their latest challenge, ‘Space Raunch’. The girls each wear some sassy cosmic spacesuits and appear from a giant silver rocket. Anna-May teases: “Right boys who’s ready for a big bang?”

“Today’s challenge requires each of the girls to leap out of the rocket and spin around on a pole before selecting a boy to kiss. Among the challengers, Jessie picks Will as they share their first kiss. Zara decides to pick Tom as they share a kiss during the challenge, who does Shaq lock lips with? The boys then have to decide who wins the title of sexiest space girl. Time will tell who takes top prize.”

Haris in the preview of Love Island 2023 tonight

via ITV

In the preview pictures for the challenge in the episode of Love Island tonight, Haris can be seen alongside his fellow Islanders taking part. So yes, following the reports this morning he will be in the entire episode tonight.

It was reported Haris was the male Islander who had received the least votes in last night’s public vote, so was therefore dumped from the Island. This has meant ITV hasn’t yet released a statement regarding the circulating video. In it, Haris can be seen exchanging a number of punches with another man, and the other fighter can be seen tumbling to the floor.

The video, which is said to be from May 2021 and was taken after a night out,  was originally shared on Snapchat. You can hear someone in the background yell “go on Haris” as Haris shouts “I’m not a bully, I’m not a fucking bully”.  ITV bosses were said to have “scrambled to investigate their own vetting process as his future on the show hung by the thinnest of threads.” But now the result of the vote is in, the decision as to what to do has been taken out of their hands.