ANOTHER couple with ‘cheating’ rumours?! Plus Mitch goes for Kady again in savage interview

This lot will never take a day off

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Tyrique and Whitney have signed to a management and are releasing ‘Bad B’ in two weeks!?

Since the talent show, I still haven’t been able to get Ty and Whit’s bop out my head. But now it’s been rumoured they’re officially dropping the single in two weeks.

They’ve shared loads of pictures and videos of themselves in a recording studio and The Sun has reported they’ve already signed up to the same management company that looks after N-Dubz “in a bid to make it big”. An insider said: “They’ve signed with the same management as N-Dubz and were in the studio all day today and yesterday. It’s going to be a proper single – it’s out in two weeks and everyone thinks it’ll be a huge hit.”

Mitch is doing a four quid meet and greet!

If you want to meet Messy Mitch himself then get yourself down to Infinity Nightclub in Sudbury because the man himself is going to be there soon and you can meet him for £4!!! Full details of the best night out of your life are here.

Molly got snubbed from the Love Island 2023 gals’ holiday

Once again, everywhere is running with the idea of Molly Marsh being completely out of the main Love Island 2023 girl group. Jess recently did a Q&A with her Instagram followers, where one person asked if the Lekki Babes were heading out to Nigeria. Jess tagged Cat, Ella and Whitney and said “You tell me”. Not a Molly Marsh tag in sight.

This comes just after Ella listed the four girls as also having a separate WhatsApp group chat together since the show. She said: “We’ve got a group chat – Whitney, Cat and Jess. We had to, we made that one clique when we got out.”

Love Island 2023

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There are a lot of rumours being thrown around about why Montel and Leah split up, with ‘cheating’ claims in the mix

When Leah and Montel left the villa they said they were going to give things a go together, but then shortly announced they’d decided to be “just friends”. Leah said she realised it wouldn’t work between them outside the villa, and spoke of a lack of trust in their relationship.

Speaking on the reunion show about what happened, Leah added “what happened at Casa Amor” was a big reason behind them breaking up, as it caused “quite an issue of trust”.

Now, it looks like she’s hinted at some more drama that caused the split, and has appeared to say Montel was seeing other people when they left the show. They weren’t official so it’s not fully “cheating” as such, but people have called it this after Leah said she forgave him for getting with Tink during Casa Amor, but “won’t forgive twice” for something he did outside the villa.

The Tab has contacted both Leah and Montel’s management for some clarity on the tea, but is yet to receive a reply.

Mitch is STILL going in on Kady

This week has been a busy one for Kady McDermott – with Mitch claiming she had a boyfriend during the show, which she’s denied, and then her split with Ouzy and claims he met up with another girl in a hotel room surfacing.

Mitch and Kady have been at each other on podcasts since they left the villa, with them each calling each other game players, and talking about each other non-stop. This all boiled out on the reunion show, but today, it’s still going on.

In an intense interview with OK! Magazine Mitch called out Kady again, said she’s “playing the victim” and added: “She’s keeping me at arms reach, calling me ‘fake’, calling me a ‘super fan’, calling me these names which aren’t true and it sucked because after she was doing all this, I see it, and then she’d be all nice to me.”

He’s still sticking to his guns about Kady having a boyfriend whilst in the villa, which he has said proves she went back on the show as a “business move”. He added: “The girls have told me – like people do talk. Everything I’ve said is very accurate. She [Kady] said she had a boy, apparently…so it was just a business move, basically – which I don’t blame them for because I would do the exact same if I was in that position.”

Love Island 2023

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Kady called the rumours she wasn’t single whilst on the show “categorically false” and said it’s “very damaging”.

Ummm, apparently Scott and Abi did bits in the villa?!

When Mitch isn’t talking about Kady, he and Ella B are spilling about Scott and Abi, apparently. They’ve done an interview with HeatWorld, and when asked “who was most likely to get intimate under the duvet?”, Ella dropped a bombshell.

She said: “This is going to be one that people don’t expect, but Scott and Abi.” Mitch replied, smiling but clearly shocked she let that slip: “No comment. Moving on. Very swiftly.”

A source has spilled absolutely everything that allegedly went down with Ouzy in *that* hotel meet up

This week it’s been reported that Love Island 2023 couple Kady McDermott and Ouzy See have split. It was later claimed Ouzy had spent two nights in a London hotel with another girl behind Kady’s back, and Kady had ended things when she found this out.

The Tab spoke to a source close to the story, who said everything that apparently went down. They claim Ouzy was acting single, initiated the meet up and even posed for pictures with fans, despite being with another girl at the time.

Full story here. 

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