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Someone made a map of where you go to Pret or Greggs and people have a lot to say

We literally are a nation divided

In the last couple of days, a map has been going viral on Twitter which shows where people think either Greggs or Pret is more popular. It’s an obvious north/south divide, and I don’t think you need me to tell you which way around.

The map basically divides the UK into two, and shows where the cutoff is for where the residents of the places either go to Greggs or Pret A Manger. It’s pretty damning.

But the whole thing has got people TALKING. On the whole, people agree with the map, with one person calling it “the true north/south divide” but there are a few cities and regions which feel like this has done them DIRTY. “Pret in the Valleys? Pull the other one,” one person said. “Is everything ok???” someone else asked. Whilst another added that people from Devon and Cornwall “wouldn’t be seen dead” with a Pret. Fair.

A few years ago, The Tab actually went one step further and plotted the location of all 1,823 Greggs on a map of the UK to see where the real north/south divide could be placed, and I hate to admit that Pret aside, this map is pretty accurate. By Greggs alone, the map found that the divide goes pretty much straight through the centre of the midlands, but curves around Sheffield – technically counting it as the south, by number of Greggs outlets. Blasphemy, I know.

Pret was trending on Twitter because of the argument, and people started fiercely debating under “#TeamPret” and “#TeamGreggs”. Honestly, I love this silly little island.

What do you think of the Pret and Greggs map?

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