Love Island’s Olivia spotted in two more TV shows including HBO’s House of the Dragon

She was also in the ITV show that aired straight after Love Island!

By now we should all know that Olivia Hawkins works hard. When she entered the villa, Olivia said she was an actress and body double, and since she’s been on Love Island, she has been spotted in more and more TV shows every day.

First she was spotted as an extra in EastEnders, and then she was seen the next week in the soap again. Then, she was seen doing her job as a ring girl in the new KSI documentary on Amazon Prime. But now, Love Island star Olivia has been spotted in another two shows, and they’re pretty big gigs!

This week, someone saw that Olivia has previously starred in HBO series House of the Dragon. They shared a screenshot on the Love Island Reddit thread, which said: “Look who I found in House of the Dragon”. Someone commented underneath exactly what we’re all thinking: “That’s crazy lmao she’s everywhere, I rate the hustle”.

Love Island star Olivia Hawkins spotted in two more TV shows as an extra

via Reddit

But that’s not all – she’s been in another show, and it aired on ITV2 this week! Olivia was in Buffering, which was on Monday night straight after Love Island. The main character in the show is played by Love Island voiceover Iain Stirling, and Laura Whitmore is also in the cast.

The episode, called “The Ick”, featured the cast members all at a Singles’ Night at their local bar. Throughout the episode, Olivia can be seen in the background on dates, and there’s a bit where we see a cutaway of her hand on a table, holding hands with one of her dates.

via ITV

After that, she’s then dotting around in the background a lot, and near the end of the episode all the girls in the bar sit together and go through their icks. Olivia is in a lot of the camera shots, showing her facial reactions of disgust to some of the icks said, but she doesn’t actually have any lines. 10/10 facial acting, though.

Love Island star Olivia Hawkins spotted in two more TV shows as an extra

via ITV

via ITV

Side note: But 2017 Islander Tyne-Lexi was also in the episode! She plays an influencer called Amber, who Iain Stirling’s character met in the bar and went on a date with on Singles’ Night. She spends the entire date on TikTok and texting her mate. Lol.

via ITV

At this point, what could Olivia possibly be in next?

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