Love Island 2023 finalists

From dates to ‘keeping it low key’: The Love Island 2023 finalists all share their next stages

‘I’ll enjoy getting a bit of secrecy back and doing things in private’

The Love Island 2023 finalists have finished their journeys inside the villa, and next for them all is navigating the real world as couples.

Since leaving the villa, the couples have spoken about what they’re looking forward to, and the milestones they have coming now they’re back to reality. Second place Whitney and Lochan were exclusive in the villa, Tyrique and Ella had said they love each other and become girlfriend and boyfriend, and Molly and Zach also became an official couple and dropped the L word whilst on the show.

So, what’s next in their relationships? Here’s what all the Love Island 2023 finalist couples had to say.

Tyrique and Ella have some dates planned

Love Island 2023 finalists

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Ella said she and Tyrique “both deserved” to get to the final after their journey together, and she’s “excited now to get outside.” She added: “I think we’re just excited to do boyfriend and girlfriend things. We know each other inside out but haven’t had a night in together or had proper date nights. Meeting the rest of his family, all the little things we haven’t been able to do that.”

Tyrique said he’s “literally excited about everything” to come in the outside world, and when asked what he’s looking forward to most, said: “I have never had a girlfriend. Normal every day life with Ella.”

‘We are low key vibes’

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Lochan and Whitney said they’re going to go on some dates, but are most looking forward to a more low-key, low-pressure relationship, instead of being filmed for a TV show all the time.

Lochan said: “I’m so excited to spend time with Whitney in our own homes with our family. We are home bodies so it will be nice to spend time with each other. But at the same time having dates and walks without being on a microphone!” Whitney added: “We are low key vibes. We will be chilling.”

Both Whitney and Lochan said their favourite Love Island memory was their final date on the yacht, so maybe they have some more fancy plans like that in store? “We just suit that lifestyle!” Whitney said.

What’s next for Zach and Molly?

Love Island 2023 finalists

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Molly said she’s “ready for home” after successfully finding love on the show. “I’ve gone in and found exactly what I wanted,” she said. “I wanted to find love. Coming home with that, I’m ready for the outside now. I can’t wait to see how both our lives merge together and how it would work.”

Zach said he’s looking forward to taking it slow in the outside world, and having a “private” relationship. “I’m definitely ready to get home and start the real thing,” he said. “I couldn’t be more grateful, Love Island has done its job. We’re just going to take it slow, there’s no pressure and we know where we are.

“We have made the correct steps and took our time doing it. I want to do this properly now. We’ve shared a lot over the last two months and I enjoy getting a bit of secrecy back into that and doing some things in private.”

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