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The cast of Race Across The World series three on BBC

This is what the cast of Race Across The World series three are all like in real life

Monique recently got engaged!

During Race Across The World series three, we’ve really got to know the cast members and their back stories. We’ve heard them talk about their lives back home, and the reasons they all chose to take the trip across Canada in their couples.

But, how much do we really know about them? On the show we’re really only seeing them in hiking gear, struggling with mountains, not being able to hitch a ride, and having run-ins with actual wild bears.

So, let’s really get to know the cast of Race Across The World series three, with a deep dive into their lives outside the show, including where to follow them on Instagram.

Ladi and Monique

52-year-old Ladi and 25-year-old Monique are father and daughter. Ladi was born in Essex, and Monique was born in East London. Ladi works as the head of sport for a consultancy company and Monique is an event manager in London.

Alongside his consultancy job, Ladi is a leisure and physical activity development manager for the London borough of Hackney. He posts on Instagram about being at a lot of sports events, including attending award ceremonies and the London marathon.

Guys, Monique is also a model and has previously been featured in PhotoVogue and worked with Gymshark. She loves pilates, the gym and travelling, and her Instagram is full of vibey pictures of her around the world. She’s had recent trips to Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Dubai and Ibiza.

Monique has recently announced she’s engaged! She posted to say her boyfriend of 10 years asked her to marry him whilst they were on holiday in Thailand, and she said yes. “Future Mrs Blanks,” the post read.

Ladi clearly approves, commenting: “To my daughter and my son to be, many congratulations. Great news for the world ❤️”.

Cathie and Tricia

Lifelong friends Cathie and Tricia are 49 and 48, respectively. They met at school aged 13, when Cathie’s family moved to west Wales from Plymouth.

Cathie is the co-director, with her husband, of two pharmacies in her local area of Bridgend, and Tricia is a bank clerk in Devon.

Tricia signed herself and Cathie up to join the cast of Race Across The World series three as she has a medical condition which means she’s losing her sight, and will soon be blind. Tricia lives with chromoretenopothy uveitis, a rare condition which brings on sight loss and often overwhelming anxiety.

Cathie has two adult children who have both left home and, speaking to The Pharmacist, said she has made the decision to stop working full time since the challenge, and she has reduced her working hours.

The women have a shared Instagram account, where they describe themselves as “#friendshipgoals” – no lies told. They mainly post pictures from the show, but have also shared snaps of them out for drinks together, and chilling out at home. They went travelling again after the show, with a much deserved holiday in the Algarve.

Claudia and Kevin

Father and daughter duo Claudia and Kevin are both from Southampton. 27-year-old Claudia works in product development and buying and 53-year-old Kevin used to own a pub, but now works as a marine canopy maker.

According to her Instagram, it looks as though Claudia currently has a boyfriend, and loves to travel. She posted about a recent trip to India with her job, and Prague with her partner. She’s also being skiing and to Egypt in the last couple of years.

Claudia graduated from the Southampton Solent in 2017, after studying marketing.

Mobeen and Zainib

Husband and wife Mobeen and Zainib are 31 and 32, and live in Manchester. Mobeen is a trauma orthopaedic surgeon and a trainee registrar, and Zainib is a psychiatrist.

The couple have been married for nine years, and both studied medicine. Zainab graduated from the Royal College of Psychiatrists last year, after getting her medicine degree from Glasgow University in 2019. Mobeen also studied at Glasgow, and graduated in 2019.

On Instagram they call themselves “the power couple”, with Zainib having a clear interest in makeup and their cat. On the show, Zainib took makeup with her as a luxury item.

The couple clearly travel a lot when they can, with recent destinations including Jerusalem, Dubai and Morocco. In his spare time, Mobeen is a massive Man U fan, and apparently loves DIY!

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