All Stars spark dating rumours on strip club night out! And couple ‘fears’ for their relationship

After the villa it’s all kicking off

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Georgia Steel has said she feels like ‘the most hated woman in the country’

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Earlier this week, Georgia Steel said she was taking a break from social media following the villa, and now she’s said she feels like she’s “the most hated woman in the country.”

Speaking to The Sun, she said she had no idea the hate she would get from the show would be so bad, and said she’s been getting death threats on her socials. She opened up about Tom and Molly doing interviews, and said she’s “disappointed” she hasn’t heard from them, and they haven’t thought about the potential of her getting hate.

“I haven’t heard from Molly or Tom since leaving the villa but, yeah, that’s upsetting,” she said of them talking about her. “I think it’s disappointing as we all know how it is coming out of the villa, we know the heat we get and it’s been shown that I got a lot of hate. It does make me sad for sure. I feel some people I went through that experience with are still targeting me and that’s rubbish. I am a bit gutted about it to be honest.”

Hannah has sparked dating rumours with Luis, after they went to a strip club together

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People already think Luis and Demi have called time on things, and now are questioning if Luis and Hannah are dating?! I can’t keep up. Basically, Hannah had a big night out and was pictured arm in arm on the way to a strip club with Luis.

At the weekend she went to Rude in Liverpool, where she is an ambassador, and shared the VIP area with Luis. They shared a pic from a hotel room before the night out and obviously, tongues have been wagging!

But people also think she’s dating Casey?!

At the weekend she went to Rude in Liverpool, where she is an ambassador, and shared the VIP area with Luis. They shared a pic from a hotel room before the night out and obviously, tongues have been wagging!

But people also think she’s dating Casey?!

The All Stars went on a big wrap party night out, and Hannah and Casey were pictured getting very close. Honestly though, are we surprised Hannah is twerking up people in a club? She’s an icon, let her live.

The saga of the Islanders being pissed off over pay continues

Earlier this week, it was reported the All Stars Islanders who returned to dump the least compatible couple ahead of the final were livid over not being paid for the extra time coming back to the show. Now, it seems more Islanders are getting annoyed with producers.

Apparently there was meant to be a “big money” meet and greet event for Islanders after the show, but now Islanders have been told it’s only the finalists who are being invited to attend. Yikes. Insiders told The Sun those left out have been “moaning” about the snub.

A source said: “Nobody has officially lodged a complaint, but there has been a lot of grumbling amongst the cast in their DMs and group chats. They all knew they weren’t doing All Stars for a huge pay day, but were under the impression they’d make money in meet and greets after the show. It’s not worked out that way.”

An ITV spokesman said: “We don’t comment on talent contracts or fees.”

Callum and Jess are Insta official!

After clapping back at rumours they’ve split, Jess and Callum have gone one step further by going Instagram official. They shared a picture together, with the caption: “Good to be back.” Alongside this, they shared some posts on their stories of them out for a dinner date at Sheesh, in Essex.

Tom has said it’s ‘shit’ we all want Molly and Callum to get back together

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This whole series we’ve all been begging for ex-couple Molly and Callum to get back together. That obviously didn’t happen and now Tom, who is official with Molly now, has said it’s pretty shit to see we all want her back with her ex instead. Fair enough.

Speaking to Made in Chelsea’s Sophie Habboo and Melissa Tattam on their podcast Wednesdays, Tom said: “I’ve come out and I’ve seen a lot of messages that say Molly and Callum should get back together and it’s shit to see, it is shit, but in the villa there was no sign of it.”

He added: “If there had been an incline, if there was flirting, I would have addressed it but there was nothing at all. I understand it, they want the fairytale and they had been together a long time but at the end of the day it is still shit to see.”

Georgia has said she feared backlash after the villa would end her relationship with Toby

As said before, Georgia has been through it since the villa. She said in another interview that she thought all the hate she was getting could have been too much for her relationship with Toby. In a chat with The Sun, Georgia admitted she feared Toby might be swayed by what people were saying about her when they returned to the real world.

She said: “I was a bit worried that all the hate would affect our relationship. I thought, ‘I hope Toby is not reading that, I hope it won’t influence how he feels about me.’”

The Islanders have all been talking about what items they were banned from having in the All Stars villa

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We know there are some items banned from the Love Island villa every series, but the All Stars Islanders have been sharing the specifics of what they tried to get into the show this year, but couldn’t.

Liberty told Closer she was banned from taking more that two leg razors into the villa, while Hannah Elizabeth was told she couldn’t bring a picture of her son in. Chris Taylor tried to take Heelys in but wasn’t allowed, which is so on brand it hurts.

Molly said in an interview: “I wanted to take into the villa little polaroids of my dog, just so I could have a picture of her, and I tried to, I tried to sneak it in, but no, they took them off me.” Tom added: “Yeah, a lot of clothes got taken away…nothing branded.”

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