Wait, Davide claims Ekin-Su didn’t dump him and her breakup statement ‘changed last minute’

Oh this is a MESS

Yesterday, it was confirmed Love Island 2022 winners Ekin-Su and Davide had split up, after rumours they were on the rocks. Ekin-Su posted a statement on Instagram saying she had ended things with Davide, after a “rollercoaster” few months.

However, because of course they were never going to go out quietly, Davide is now claiming Ekin-Su didn’t dump him, and is lying in her breakup statement, which was “changed last minute” without his knowledge.

Announcing the news, Ekin-Su had said: “The last 18 months have been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, just like every relationship. Davide and I both wanted to make this relationship work as we cared deeply for each other. Unfortunately, I have recently made the decision to end our relationship and to go our separate ways.

“Breakups are never easy for any couple, and we hope our privacy will be respected at this time. I enjoyed our time together and will cherish the memories we made.” She went on to thank people for their support, and hoped people would continue to follow both of their mutual careers.

Davide posts statement about Ekin-Su split

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In a statement sharing his side of the story, Davide has claimed this wasn’t quite the case. He claims the split was a “joint decision” and they agreed on a statement, which Ekin-Su changed. “Life sometimes reserves surprises and suddenly wakes you up,” he said.

“Ekin and I, just after the ski holidays, decided to go different ways. It was a joint decision, but I was waiting to make it public to respect her time in the show. I don’t know why the agreed statement changed last minute.

“I agree it was a beautiful story even with its ups and downs like all couples. I loved every moment, from the first time I knew her in the villa until life outside. I really believed in us and saw a future for us. But sometimes in life people need to grow apart. Is just the direction of life. I will treasure our moments forever.” He concluded that he is going to focus on himself, and thanked everyone for their support.

This news of the split came as it was previously reported Ekin-Su and Davide had been rowing over an OnlyFans model. Davide is said to have liked pictures of an OnlyFans model, and Ekin-Su was seen liking tweets that questioned his loyalty.

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