Here’s exactly when Brad being removed from Married at First Sight will air on the show

It’s going to be TENSE

Over the weekend it has been reported Brad Skelly has been removed from Married at First Sight UK 2023 following his behaviour towards new wife, Shona. Channel 4 has now said the dramatic scenes in which the couple is told to leave the experiment will air later this week.

On the show last week, Brad was accused of being controlling towards his new wife, when he told her to “shut up” during a dinner party, and branded her emotionally immature. He also spoke of “allowing” Shona to be upset, comments which sparked a response from women’s charity, Women’s Aid.

Following this, Channel 4 confirmed he had been kicked off the experiment, and Shona would no longer be taking part either. “If any relationships on MAFS UK develop in a way that is deemed unhealthy we take expert advice as to whether the couple should leave the process,” the channel said. “This was the case with Brad and Shona. Support is available at all times.”

When Brad being removed from Married at First Sight UK will air

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Channel 4 has now told The Tab Brad and Shona leave the process this week, in Thursday night’s episode. The dramatic exit will take place in a scene with Mel and Paul, who will sit them down and talk to them about what is going to happen.

Teresa Parker, head of media at Women’s Aid, previously said: “It is really important that the experts on the show called this out as controlling behaviour and challenged Brad’s view that it was acceptable to say that he had the right to ‘allow’ Shona to be angry.

“TV programmes like these, which are based on the formation of relationships, need to be aware of the dynamics of controlling and coercive behaviour, and always send a clear message that it is wholly unacceptable.”

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