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A TikToker did a tour of the Love Island villa and showed us all the bits you don’t see on TV

I don’t know what I was expecting the toilets to look like, but it wasn’t that?

Ahead of the 2023 series starting a TikToker was given a tour of the famous Love Island villa, and has showed us all the behind the scenes bits we don’t get to see on the show. We see the bedroom, garden and terrace all the time, but now we’re getting to see all the less glam parts – yes, including the loos.

Abi says that during her tour of the villa she snook off to look around all the juicy behind the scenes areas, and continues to show us what she found.

She says there are two beach huts – not one- one downstairs, and one upstairs. They also have really cute homemade welcome mats as you walk in. There’s no ceiling in the beach huts, just soundproofing, but you can see parts of the outside of the original villa that bits of the TV set have been built around.

Love Island villa tour on TikTok

via TikTok

Moving on, Abi says all the flooring is wipe clean, until you get to the toilets. She says she found three off-camera toilets, and they have extra showers in them! So why are the Islanders always fighting over the showers in the bathrooms we see?!

There’s also a really dark empty room with just a singular desktop computer in it – Abi jokes this could be where the Islanders play Sims, but much more likely it’s a room for the producers to sit in. We can hope it’s a special Sims room, though. Abi also goes to a security room out the front of the villa, and sees where all the Islanders’ laundry is collected.

Later on in her tour, Abi walks through a back entrance into the garden of the Love Island villa, and heads into the famous Hideaway. She notes there are speakers in rocks around the villa, and where the Islanders do the challenges is right out the front of the villa.

Watch the full Love Island villa behind the scenes tour here:

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