Strap in: This week on MAFS has been wild as hell, and these 27 memes prove it

I’ll never recover from the dinner party descending into chaos… in French

MAFS 2023 is half way through now, and the memes have been relentless. Every night we all group together, sit down and watch the chaos unfold, and post our opinions on Twitter. It’s just as dramatic as the show itself.

We’ve had a dinner party which descended into a French chaos, a commitment ceremony walk-out, and arguments between the new brides and grooms. And that’s all without even mentioning that Brad and Shona were axed from the show, because of his behaviour towards her. It’s been a rollercoaster ride!

So, just when you thought you’d had some time to calm down from Married at First Sight chaos, I’m here to ruin it. The heat is back on! Here’s a recap of all the very best memes about MAFS UK 2023 from the most turbulent week yet. Enjoy!

1. I’m a bit scared

2. Sure!

3. This was ART

4. Enough hahahaha

5. Love that from them

6. An icon!

7. Someone have a word x

8. I wish them all the best x

— ILY2 (@cherrycolaminx) October 12, 2023

— MAFS Hysteria (@MAFShysteria) October 10, 2023

10. I get it Laura, I really do

11. Line of the series lmao

MAFS UK 2023 memes, Married at First Sight

12. STOP

13. Oh JJ

14. For real

15. It’s been a tough week for us all


17. I need an essay to be written on this beef

18. I’ll never be over him calling her a big shit lmao

19. Make it make sense!

20. Savage tbh

21. Yikes!

22. This whole scene sent me


24. I mean… I have nothing to add here

25. When did this happen pls?

26. Whatever you say hun x

27. Obsessed

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