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Lottie Moss and rumours she slept with Spencer Matthews

Lottie Moss denies rumours she slept with Spencer Matthews at Jamie and Habbs’ wedding

Spencer has been married since 2018

Lottie Moss has denied rumours she and Spencer Matthews slept together whilst at the wedding of former Made in Chelsea co-stars, Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo.

Rumours started circulating after the event, claiming the pair had got drunk and slept together at the wedding in Spain, despite Spencer being happily married to Vogue Williams, with three children together. The rumours, which Lottie has clarified are categorically untrue, spread across WhatsApp, and a TikTok about them received over 111million views.

Speaking to The Sun, Lottie said Spencer is “a nice guy” and confirmed he very much didn’t cheat on his wife whilst his best friend got married. “We partied together but there was nothing more to it,” she said.

Spencer has been sober for over five years, since shortly after he married Vogue. He attended the wedding of Made in Chelsea stars Jamie and Habbs alone, as Vogue had a diary clash and has famously said she “doesn’t like weddings”.

Speaking more about the rumours, Lottie added: “It’s not true. It didn’t happen. Why would I bother addressing something that has no truth to it? Everyone at that wedding knows it didn’t happen.

“That evening I was with Made in Chelsea’s Liv Bentley. Me and her were talking about it yesterday and she was like, ‘I was there, nothing happened’. But the rumour has got so crazy. I think it was because it was such a big wedding and it was full of all these reality stars, so people wanted some gossip.”

Lottie went on to say she has decided to finally address the rumours as they’re still spreading on gossip sites, which people read and instantly assume things must be true. “I’m just glad Liv and other people were with me the whole time so they can confirm it isn’t,” she said.

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