Meet the two new faces causing drama on Made in Chelsea: Corsica

Of course the new girl has been on dates with Miles

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but Made in Chelsea: Corsica kicks off this week, and Channel 4 has announced two new cast members who are ready to stir up the drama.

Long-term legend Liv Bentley has called the summer special the “most savage and brutal” series she’s ever filmed, and new faces have been thrown in to rile things up even further.

New cast members for Made in Chelsea Corsica

via Channel4

First up is a new girl, called Jane Amber Aubrun-Mautin. She’s a 20-year-old professional showjumper who lives in Bordeaux, but was born and raised in Paris. She has said she moved to the south of France for the “better weather”, which is fair enough.

Jane is currently single, and you guessed it – the teaser for the new series makes it look as though she might catch the eye of Miles Nazaire. Classic!

Joining the show, Jane already knows Miles as they went on a date in London just before the cast jetted out to Corsica – so she decided to come along to see what could happen. Jane has nearly 90k followers on Instagram, and shares loads of selfies and pictures of herself on holiday.

As well as Jane, joining the cast for Made in Chelsea: Corsica is her best friend, Geronimo Mörtl. Geronimo is a 22-year-old model and student, currently living in Paris whilst he studies for a degree in communications. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and is a self-confessed flirt and party boy.

Geronimo, who is bisexual, has been single since last summer and has said he’s ready to find someone to love after not being loyal in previous relationships. He has over 40k Instagram followers, where he shares loads of holiday pictures and modelling shoot pictures.

Who else will be in the cast of Made in Chelsea: Corsica?

As well as the two new faces, there are some iconic returning cast members for Made in Chelsea: Corsica.

Getting stuck into the drama is Olivia Bentley, Tristan Phipps, Sam Prince, Inga Valentiner, Miles Nazaire, Reza Amiri-Garroussi, Bella Sharpe, Ruby Adler, Harvey Armstrong, Imogen Bloom, Robbie Mullett, Joel Mignott, Willow Day, Yasmine Zweegers, Freddie Knatchbull and David ‘Temps’ Templer.

Watch a teaser trailer for Made in Chelsea: Corsica here

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