Ekin-Su has waded in on who she thinks is the biggest game player on Love Island: All Stars

The queen hath spoken

Whose opinion do we care for most about All Stars, and why is it that of our Love Island queen Ekin-Su? Well, she’s given her verdict on the cast members, and who is playing a game in the villa.

As well as this, Ekin-Su has also shared whether she thinks any of the couples are actually genuine, because obviously we all think the All Stars Islanders are there to secure some bag, as opposed to actually having an authentic hunt for love.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab with Spin Genie, here’s what she had to say.

Love Island: All Stars

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Who does Ekin-Su think is the biggest game player in the Love Island: All Stars villa?

Ekin-Su didn’t hold back in sharing who she thinks is the biggest game player on Love Island: All Stars. She thinks Luis, who got dumped last night with Demi, was on the show for “fun” and not to find love.

“I think the biggest game player has left,” she told The Tab. “Luis was the biggest game player and was just on the show to have fun with girls, not to find love. He didn’t come across well or very authentic. He just flirted with every girl and told her what she wanted to hear.”

Are any of the All Stars couple likely to last in the outside world?

Ekin-Su quite savagely struggled to think of an All Stars couple who will actually make it work on the outside, but, she does controversially think Molly and Callum will end their journey by getting back together. She said: “I believe Molly and Callum will get back together…I think this show could make them realise what they had.”

In conclusion, Ekin said what we’re all thinking:  “We need Chloe Burrows. There’s clearly so much unfinished business with Toby and if producers want ultimate drama, they need to find a way to get her on!”

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