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Raven says one of the girls SK cheated with tried to extort them out of $300k

So THIS explains what they meant by having ongoing legal proceedings

Raven decided to talk about all things SK recently on Nick Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files. She went in on the cheating, their breakup and the legal drama which we all were so confused about at the time. Raven also spoke about the extortion she was met with by one of the women SK cheated on her with.

Love Is Blind season three premiered last year and one of the couples, Raven Ross and SK Alagbada were being rooted for all season by fans. That was until the moment when SK said no to Raven at the altar. However then once the reunion special aired we found out the couple were trying again.

Shortly after though, explosive rumours surfaced online claiming SK cheated on Raven. This news followed several women sharing TikTok videos exposing their own romantic involvement with SK which apparently overlapped his second engagement to Raven which we saw in Love Is Blind: After the Altar. When Netflix dropped After the Altar last week we all awkwardly watched SK propose to Raven for the second time before any cheating rumours emerged. Then at the end of the episodes, Raven emotionally addressed the scandal in a video she filmed back in November.

Here’s everything Raven said recently about the extortion situation on Nick Viall’s podcast

On the podcast Raven said SK told her the girl who posted the second TikTok claimed she would take it down for $300,000. Though the claims weren’t clarified, Raven says right before the second TikTok dropped, SK and the woman were texting back and forth with her saying she wanted to meet with SK and he wouldn’t meet with her. The girl then posted the video and texted SK back like, “I’ll take it down if you give me $300,000,” Raven says.

During all of this, Raven posted a statement to Instagram announcing their breakup, she said they couldn’t share details due to “ongoing legal proceedings.” But fans were confused as to what these proceedings were or could have been. Raven admitted the lawyers’ talk “started from the extortion thing” and when the woman from TikTok requested $300,000 to take her video down.

Raven continued: “The part where we haven’t really touched on yet is that while we’re going through this there was so much manipulation and gaslighting. He really was just worried about saving his career and his face. And he wanted to get lawyers involved to make these claims go away so it wouldn’t look bad for him. I was there at home listening to him on the phone with lawyers all day every day. He was like ‘this is for my career.’ That’s literally what he said all the time.”

You can watch Raven’s appearance on The Viall Files with Nick Viall here.

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