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This is exactly how many millions Tommy Fury is bringing home after beating Jake Paul

Bambi is the ultimate nepo baby

Last night, Tommy Fury beat Jake Paul after a split decision made by the judges following their eight-round fight. 23-year-old Tommy Fury landed more accurate punches and demonstrated boxing fundamentals which helped him score the win. After the fight ended he told BT Sport: “For the past two years this is all that has consumed my life. Everybody thought I was running scared but tonight I made my own legacy.” He then dedicated the fight to his daughter Bambi and girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague.

There are a load of numbers being chucked around regarding who is getting paid what so here’s an explainer on exactly how hefty the prize money is that Tommy Fury is taking home for his big win last night.

Here’s exactly how much Jake Paul would have earned if he had won

According to Sports Zion, Jake Paul was set to bag a £2.7 million if he won as well as taking home 65 per cent of the overall pay-per-view sales. Which would have meant a large sum of £7.2 million including his sponsorships.

Tommy Fury won millions in prize money for winning the fight

Tommy Fury was reported to earn £1.7 million if he won and also would have had the remaining 35 per cent of the pay-per-view. This would have seen him take home £3.8 million. However during Thursday’s press conference for the match last week, Jake Paul put forward a “double or nothing” contract offer. He essentially told Tommy he would pay him double if he won their eight-round fight or Tommy would have to pay him his entire earnings if he lost.

How Tommy has won, he could be taking home a huge £7.5 million for beating Jake Paul in the ring but apparently he never signed the deal. But still, £3.8 is a wild amount of money.

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