YOU season four drops this week, here’s a recap of how Joe Goldberg left things last season

I forgot about the existence of Henry ngl

The first part of YOU season four drops this week and it would be fair to say it’s going to have all of us in a chokehold. For three whole seasons we have all been obsessed with the delusions and obsessions of Joe Goldberg, so what’s one more season??

Season two gave us Love Quinn who we adored but unfortunately she didn’t make it past the season three finale. Now Joe is in London and things are kicking off big time for him given the fact someone out there knows his secrets. But before we get into the thick of season four, here’s a recap of YOU season three.

In the third season Joe and Love are married raising their son

Joe and Love are happily married living in the California suburb of Madre Linda. Despite their move in hopes for a quiet family life, it’s everything but peaceful and wholesome. Their relationship takes a dynamic turn and Joe continues his obsession and has an interest in Natalie, the next door neighbour.

But that doesn’t last long as Love kills Natalie in the first episode. Love was the human embodiment of carnage. She went at Natalie with an axe and completely threw the audience who all thought Natalie was a main character this season. Oh and then to make things more weird, Joe and Love bury the body right in front of their baby – normal!!

Love and Joe build a new glass cage under her bakery

In the second episode Love opens her bakery “A Fresh Tart” and what better way to introduce their newly built glass box – it came in very good use for the remaining episodes.

Joe catches measles and Love bashes the anti-vaxxer

Love was livid with Gil when she realised that’s the reason why her son caught measles. She straight up went “Hey, Gil” and bonked him right over the head. Joe and Love then put him in their glass box under the bakery and through the power of family money, Love is able to find out Gil’s son is a sexual predator and he’s linked to a recent assault case on a college campus. Gil can’t handle the shame of his son and ends his life in the glass box.

Joe and Love then frame Gil for Natalie’s death and Love plants the murder weapon with Gil’s fingerprints in the forest where their other neighbour, Sherry, organised a community search for Natalie.

Also at this point Love is having an affair with her teenage neighbour, Theo, in public.

We learn from Love’s mum that Love might have murdered her first husband

What has Joe got himself into??

Love and Joe lock the Conrads in the glass cage

Does Theo Die? 'You' Season 3 Ending Reveals Character's Fate

Theo, via Netflix

After getting into a row, Love admits she killed Natalie for the sake of their marriage. The Conrads overhead and attempt to flee but Love and Joe lock them in the glass cage. This then leads to a very passionate sex scene which is…weird.

Theo, who is obsessed with Love at this point, finds footage of Joe leaving the bakery in Natalie’s car and goes to the bakery to show Love. However instead he finds the Conrads in a glass cage and Love whacks him round the head. She admits to Joe she attacked Theo and left him in the basement. Joe discovers Theo is alive and takes him to hospital whilst Love finds the rags with Ryan’s blood all over.

Joe Goldberg covers up Ryan’s murder

The final episode of YOU season three begins with Joe doing what he does best, covering up a murder. He’s seen trying to hide the evidence of Ryan’s murder. Remember Ryan? He was Marienne’s shit news reporter boyfriend with a severe drug addiction. Joe tried killing him once before by overdosing his protein shakes but that failed and so Joe had the great idea of killing him outright. And then Marienne – Joe’s library crush and secret girlfriend begins to message about the death of her ex.

YOU season three recap

Ryan, via Netflix

During all this, Love is insisting she wants to have another baby. Joe has other plans though that involve leaving Love and hoping Marienne goes with him.

Marienne tells Joe the police are concluding Ryan was stabbed by a mugger but that doesn’t quite add up because why would a mugger stab someone multiple times and not take anything from the victim?

Love then finds out Joe killed Ryan and he’s having an affair

Love ends up finding the bloody rags and pieces together Joe is responsible for finding Ryan. And she knows he’s been having an affair with Marienne. At the end of season three love was seething. She asks Joe if he was in love with Marienne and after a heated row he suggests the couple should divorce. Baby Henry, their son, cries and distracts them both from the conversation.

via Netflix

In a dramatic turn of events, Love poisons Joe and he collapses on the floor. She then leaves as he lies there. Love then picks Henry up and asks Marienne over to talk. Expecting a casual chat, Love reveals to Marienne she knows about the affair and tells her it was Joe who killed Ryan.

When Love returns home she finds Joe lying on the floor. She pulls out a knife ready to kill him. However Joe was one step ahead the whole time. He expected absolutely everything and swapped the Aconite for adrenaline before Love “poisoned” him. Love sinks into paralysis and tells Joe she thinks they’re perfect for each other but not their son Henry. Joe then writes a note explaining why he is leaving Henry and later that night he leaves Henry with Dante and his partner. Before leaving for good, Joe chooses to create an elaborate crime scene which makes Love’s death seem like an accident. He cuts off two toes and sets fire to the house, making it look like Love killed Joe and then took her own life.

Season four of YOU will be available on Netflix from February 9th, with part two dropping on March 9th. For all the latest Netflix news, quizzes, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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