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Steph Williams was the real icon from Queer Eye season seven, this is what she’s up to now

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Steph Williams appeared in episode two of Queer Eye season seven and during the show she was living with her dad and her partner of six years, Rachael. She and Steph bought their dream house together and planned to throw a housewarming party with their family and friends. The problem was that Steph was struggling with being open about her queer identity.

Steph admitted her partner Rachel was waiting on getting engaged. Steph said she had insecurities about their relationship. She was often too shy to hold Rachael’s hand in public, for example, and said she doesn’t display any photos of them at her dad’s house because she worried that he would “have to explain that” to guests.

Rachael, who nominated Steph for the show, said that Steph used to be “super confident and happy,” but “being gay in the South had taken its toll.” It was later revealed that Steph was traumatised by an incident three years ago, where a girl at a bar said some homophobic slurs to her.

In short, viewers of Queer Eye have fallen deeply in love with Steph and her role in the show. Here’s what she’s up to now.

Steph from Queer Eye is continuing her journey of self-acceptance

In a TikTok posted last month, Steph used the meme filter “Which lesbian are you?” and she was smiling when she got Sue Sylvester from Glee. In a post on Instagram from March, Steph shared that she and Rachael now display a pride flag outside their home.

The happily engaged couple also got a dog together at the end of last year. They haven’t got married yet.

She recently posted a photo of herself and Rachael celebrating the release of Queer Eye season seven. Jonathan Van Ness commented: “😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” on her post.

It’s safe to say Steph is now more open about her sexuality. She posted a photo with a presidential flag outside her home. But when you look close it says: “Taylor Swift 2024 – save America again!” A hard slay from Steph.

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