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According to this TikTok, all you need is a water bottle to find out if your partner is cheating

I’m scared to try this!!

A man on TikTok has shared a water bottle trick which allegedly exposes your partner and tells you if they’ve been cheating on you. Everyone is describing it as “genius” but others have picked out a flaw in his thought process. Here’s everything we know about how the water bottle cheating hack works.

How does a water bottle say if your partner is cheating on you?

Okay so, when you think of ways to catch your partner cheating you think about checking their phone without them knowing or confronting them directly. No one ever suspects it could be 100 times easier – apart from Daniel Hentschel.

Daneil reckons all you need is a water bottle and you’ll have all the answers you need. In a TikTok that has over two million likes, Daniel explains how you should start buying a water bottle from a charity shop. That way it could essentially belong to anyone and it doesn’t look brand new so it’s the perfect set up.

Then you should place the water bottle somewhere in your partner’s car and then pretend to find it again for the first time. Hand your partner the water bottle and say: “Here is your water bottle.”

Daniel says only that phrasing will work and then the truth comes out. Daniel explains that if your partner has nothing to hide then they will have no problem admitting they don’t know whose it is. But if your partner says that is their water bottle and goes along with it then that’s a red flag. Daniel explains: “If they’re cheating, they’ll go along with you and pretend it’s theirs.”

Why aren’t people buying it?

Well this part is simple really, one woman said: “My husband doesn’t pay attention to anything and would literally think it was his.” Someone else added a warning saying it won’t work if your partner has no idea what water bottles they do and don’t own.

You can watch Daniel’s original TikTok here.

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