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People won’t stop thirsting over Antoni Porowski during his shower scene in Queer Eye

‘He is the reason I keep watching’

The new season of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix over the weekend and viewers are obsessed already.

Obviously people watch Queer Eye for the heartwarming tales but you’d be lying if you said you also didn’t watch it for the thirst traps. The show’s food expert Antoni Poroswk has developed a fan following not only for his kitchen talents but for his ripped body.

Anyone who has watched the season yet will know the treat they get at the end of episode five when Antoni has a shower. The scene comes as a QE Tip at the end of the episode and sees Antoni and Tan advising on how to steam shirts at home. Tan’s tip was to hang it up in the bathroom while taking a hot shower and then the scene cut to Antoni doing just that.

One person wrote: “Of course they managed to squeeze in a couple of shots of Antoni having a shower; they know their audience.” Another said Antoni is the reason why they keep coming back to Queer Eye.

In 2019, Antoni told GQ he works out six times a week for his mental and physical wellbeing. He said: “If I don’t do physical activity on any given day, I don’t sleep as well. I’m a very hyper person, and I’m actually ADHD, so I have to stay simulated all the time.”

Last year we were given a scene of Antoni washing his dog shirtless for no reason. So who knows what we will get if there’s a season eight.

The latest series of Queer Eye is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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